Young adult thriller novels to read before Halloween 2021



Scary season is officially upon us, which means everyone needs a new young adult thriller to read.

The Peacock TV series One of us is lying recently premiered, but it was actually a first book. Written by Karen M. McManus, the novel follows four high school students – Addy, Cooper, Nate and Bronwyn – who end up watching their classmate Simon die in custody after he appears to be suffering from an allergic reaction. Throughout the novel, readers realize that the four teenagers, who have become suspects, are hiding some pretty important secrets.

“I would say it’s faithful to some extent. It’s certainly recognizable as being based on its source material, and there are some iconic scenes from the book that made it onto screen, which was really fun for me personally to watch, ”the author said. HollywoodLife in October 2021, after the premiere of the show. “But it also takes the characters and the plot in new directions.”

Before the show was born, Karen explained that the idea for the book – which was officially released in May 2017 – was inspired by her fascination with social media. Throughout the book, it is revealed that prior to his death, Simon kept a gossip blog at Bayview High School.

“I find social networks fascinating. … It makes the privacy almost picturesque, but because it provides a mechanism for organizing your life – showing the parts that you want people to see, while hiding the aspects that are less suited to the camera, ”explained Karen. To Babbling book club in 2018. “But it only works when you control the narrative. If there’s a Simon in the background revealing secrets you’d rather keep quiet, or if a negative story goes viral, it’s very difficult to pick up on that.

She was also inspired by the iconic 1980s film The breakfast club, in which five students are also trapped in detention together.

“One of my favorite things about this movie is the bond that is made when the characters realize that they are not as different as they thought they were,” the writer explained in the same interview. “The world builds so many artificial barriers between people based on superficial impressions and narrow definitions: who is popular, who is successful, who is a troublemaker, who is forgettable. But this public face is never the sum total of an individual. So I hope my teenage readers will think twice about the people they could have fired in their lives and look for ways to find common ground.

The book also has a sequel – One of us is next – but, of course, these two aren’t the only perfect thrillers for a spooky season. Scroll through our gallery for a complete overview.

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