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ATHENS, Wis. (WSAW) – We’ve all had this moment. When one is caught up in the excitement of an event.

For Maleah Redmann, it was the 2019 Midwest Horse Fair. The Mustang Legend party. When she saw someone do something so cool, it made her think.

“I’ll do that one day,” she said.

4 or 5 months later she had her first Mustang named Renegade. From that moment, she was on full throttle.

“I was hooked,” she said with a smile.

Self-taught wild mustang trainer, endowed with a keen sense of observation, for 2 and a half years.

“I kind of take what I’ve learned from what other people have done and then apply it to this individual horse and find what works,” Redmann said. “If something doesn’t work the first time, I try a little differently until I find what works for that horse.”

Maleah would never call herself a natural, but her cousin will.

“You see what she does and her patience,” Laurie Gering said. “And she breaks it down into such small steps, for her, it’s just a natural way to do it.”

“All that time with them and learning from them really helps me, in a way, to connect with them and understand them,” Redmann said.

“Mustangs in the horse world are like pit bulls in the dog world. They are misrepresented,” Gering added.

It’s people, or trainers, like Maleah who show that wild mustangs can be brought under control. So far she has found homes for four.

“Put a good foundation on this horse to make it safe and manageable. So I can give them their dream horse and in return I find out that I found a horse in a house and took it off the farm.

She has 3 mustangs and a mini-horse of her own.

“It’s like potato chips, you can’t have just one,” she joked.

His latest addition will be his biggest challenge. “A 4 month old zebra.”

PJ stands for “Paper Jam”, because the printer is out of ink. He was bought at an auction in Ohio by another trainer, but Maleah will break him in.

“I did my research and zebras have nothing to do with horses, unfortunately. So our ideas of training him like a mustang won’t work.

PJ will work with Maleah until at least May. Give him the necessary time and patience.

“It’s going to be really slow. Just repetitive, taking its time. Don’t try to focus so much on results, but rather on small pieces at a time.

His job with PJ and the other mustangs will be struggling with the school.

“I’m on track to graduate a year early from UW-River Falls,” she said, “and then hopefully go to UW-Madison for vet school.”

Not your typical vet.

”Exotics or large animals. I really want to give back to the animals who have given me so much.

Wherever school takes him, training will always be part of his life.

“She has an incredible bond with these animals,” Gering said.

Do something so cool.

“I have so much to learn. I think I barely scratched the surface,” Redmann said.

Wisconsin is one of four states that does not have statewide ordinances for owning zebras. Instead, it is left to individual municipalities. Maleah ticked those boxes accordingly.

Meanwhile, she is still trying to find a home for a mustang.

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