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Sponsored It’s fair to say that many more people have experienced the benefits and challenges of online education today than two years ago.

But while pivoting entire schools and education systems towards distance learning in the midst of a crisis is one thing, preparing for true lifelong blended learning is another.

It’s not just about making sure the technology and access is in place for the students who need it – and doing it fairly. It is also about ensuring that distance learners do not have a compromised experience compared to their peers in the classroom.

It’s also about finding a balance between giving teachers the tools they need to manage students and content, without requiring them to be IT administrators. And it’s about doing all of that while keeping the safety and security of children away and in the classroom.

If you are concerned about any of these issues, you should join today’s webcast, Blended learning is a good thing, at 11 a.m. BST (10 a.m. UTC).

Tim Phillips, our own premium broadcast specialist, will be joined by Shayla Rexrode, Lenovo’s Global Head of Educational Software Solutions.

They will explain what blended learning really is and study the trends and technology shaping this field.

They will also explain how you can design and deploy a blended learning environment that benefits everyone, and most importantly, do it safely.

Register, sorry, registration is easy. Head over here, give some details and we’ll make sure you’re gently pushed the same day. The world of education is changing – make sure you don’t fall behind.

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