Ventec meets demand for Taiyo LPI solder mask products in Europe


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Following Ventec’s announcement of its exclusive distribution agreement with Taiyo, customers in Continental Europe and the UK are now guaranteed reliable, immediate and flexible access to the full color range of Taiyo Liquid inks. Photoimageable (LPI) Solder Mask. The fastest delivery times are guaranteed thanks to Ventec’s fully managed and controlled supply chain from its facilities in the UK and Germany. With full stock availability at booth locations of the full color range of Taiyo’s PSR-4000 and PSR-4100 series, Ventec is meeting the growing demand from European manufacturers for high-mixture mask ink PCBs. LPI welding in Europe.

The Taiyo PSR-4000 and PSR-4100 series (two-component LPI solder masks and alkaline developables) are now immediately available to customers in EMEA in the full color range:

  • black
  • white
  • green
  • dark green
  • blue
  • yellow
  • red

Fully sourced and shipped from Ventec’s distribution centers in Germany and the UK, the LPI range is supplied in pre-measured 2.8 and 1.2 kilo containers. Products are 2002/95/EC and RoHS compliant and designed to be user friendly with wide processing latitudes, low odor, rapid development and good resistance to alternative metal finishes such as ENIG and Pewter immersion.

“With our long-term strategy of continuously investing in ownership and control of our entire sales process and supply chain, Ventec is well known for its logistics excellence. term with Taiyo as exclusive pan-European distributor, and increased stocking capacity in our distribution centers in the UK and Germany, we are eliminating old supply issues for LPI solder mask products by Europe Immediate availability from stock and flexible shipping options allow our customers controlled and reliable access to stock inventory at the level and time they need for uninterrupted manufacturing,” says Mark Goodwin, COO EMEA and America of Ventec.

Along with its core ranges of PCB materials, the availability of Taiyo products further strengthens Ventec’s position as the leading single source supplier for high quality PCB materials in Europe.

Ventec International Group Co., Ltd. (6672 TT) is a world leader in the production of high reliability polyimide and epoxy laminates and prepregs and a specialist supplier of thermal management and IMS solutions. Further information on Ventec’s solutions and the company’s wide variety of products is available at and/or by downloading the Ventec app.

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