US officials request report on equipment left in Afghanistan


Citing security concerns, members of the US Congress on Friday called for the Defense Department’s report on US equipment left behind in Afghanistan. US Congressmen, in a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, called for an overdue report on US equipment and assets removed, left behind or destroyed in Afghanistan with the departure of US soldiers from Afghanistan in mid-August last year, according to Tolo News.

In a letter sent to the Department of Defense, 28 US representatives criticized the DOD for the delay in sending the report to Congress. It was scheduled for Dec. 29, 2021. “It is with the utmost concern that even after a three-month window to produce the required information, the DOD has still not given Congress an accurate count of U.S. equipment still in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan where terrorist groups are reconstituting,” the members said in their letter.

Earlier, the representatives said that the lack of information on US military equipment makes it difficult for them to calculate US investments and spending in Afghanistan. “This lack of information prevents Congress from being able to accurately and effectively control the tens of billions of dollars in equipment invested in Afghanistan over the past 20 years and creates vulnerabilities in our national security,” the statement said. letter. The letter from the US Congress comes at a time when Washington is facing criticism for its handling of the war in Afghanistan that paved the way for the Taliban takeover of Kabul last August.

Representatives also criticized the Biden administration for the delay, which they noted was paid for by US taxpayers, according to Tolo News. (ANI)

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