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Technology includes dedicated functionality to help women find a ladies-only session

Posted: Wed 22 Dec 2021, 16:44

Last update: Wed 22 Dec 2021, 16:45

A new platform, created by two Emirati entrepreneurs AbdulAziz AlZarooni and Saeed Ahli, is expected to connect the growing community of padel fans who practice the sport of trending racket across the UAE.

The technology includes a feature dedicated to female participants who wish to practice sport in female-only sessions.

Go Padel is an innovative mobile application that provides an integrated planning and reservation system, allowing padel players to search for available courts and reserve their preferred time and location, all within seconds.


The technology was developed in response to the growing popularity of the game in the Emirates. The system is the first of its kind in the world to target female players through a female-only filter.

AbdulAziz, a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), explains: “Padel is a fast growing sport that fuses tennis and squash. With its increasing popularity, especially since the end of the lockdown, it has become increasingly more difficult to get short bookings and we found the only way to check availability was to call each club which was a long process and then we realized there was a gap on the market, and we decided to start doing some research to gather different views on how to solve this problem.

Drawing on their market research, AbdulAziz and his co-creator, Saeed Ahli, began development work on the new platform in January 2021.

He adds, “The technology to support the system has been designed entirely in-house and the interface is specially designed to be quick and easy to use. We knew it would be particularly difficult for women seeking access to women’s courts. only sessions, so we added this filter as a feature from the start. The app also includes the ability to add friends to your game, allowing each player to pay their own share of the cost. “

A business graduate, AbdulAziz began his studies at RIT in New York before returning to the United Arab Emirates to complete his studies when the university opened its campus in Dubai.

He is well established in the tech world through his day job as Director of ICT Business Development for du, and he believes his university studies and encouragement from the UAE government are the inspiration for his adventure in entrepreneurship.

“RIT offers a different kind of education based on real-life scenarios and learning by doing, which certainly sharpens the entrepreneurial spirit,” says AbdulAziz.

“The UAE is the best place for me to take advantage of this. With all the support and resources that the government offers us as citizens and the global market that the country has established, we have the opportunity to create locally developed products like this to reach a global scale. “

As Dubai recently hosted its first Padel Cup, AbdulAziz hopes the Go Padel app will help further develop the sports community in the UAE.

“It’s a sport for people of all ages and it’s great for bringing people of different nationalities together and breaking down barriers between cultures,” he says.

“I hope our platform encourages more people to join the game in the UAE, to experience this sense of community through sport.”



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