Ukraine imports greenhouse cucumbers from Russia for the first time


According to EastFruit, a very booming event took place in the Ukrainian market this week: for the first time Ukraine started importing fresh cucumbers from a country that was once the main market for the sale of Ukrainian greenhouse cucumbers – Russia.

Russian cucumber prices are competitive with Ukrainians, according to trade sources, despite the 10% import duty that importers have to pay. Ukraine has withdrawn from the free trade agreement with the Russian Federation.

“The supply of Ukrainian cucumber on the market is currently very limited – only a few greenhouses are shipped, so prices for Ukrainian cucumber are relatively high – 38-45 UAH / kg ($ 1.44-1.70 per kg). As a result, imports of cucumbers from Turkey have increased sharply and they are on average 5-10 UAH / kg ($ 0.19-0.38) cheaper. There are also Belarusian cucumbers on sale which cost a little more than Turkish ones. Russian cucumbers are available in the market at the lowest prices among all competitors due to the current downward trend in cucumber prices in Russia, ”explains Ievgen Kuzin, international projects manager at

“Smooth cucumbers in Russia can be bought even at 60-80 RUB / kg ($ 0.82-1.09 per kg) now, and lumpy small ones at 90-120 RUB / kg (1.23-1.64 $ per kg). Therefore, importing cucumbers from Russia is currently economically profitable for the fruit and vegetable trade, ”explains the expert.

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