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The Honors College is pleased to offer its students a fund to help those who wish to travel abroad on one of our sponsored or partnered trips!

Application guidelines

Applications will be reviewed twice a year, with two deadlines: October 1 (for winter and spring travel) and February 1 (for summer and fall travel). Application decisions will be issued by 11/1 and 3/1.

The application review committee will be composed of the following people:

  • Associate Dean of the Specialized College
  • Assistant Resident, Honors College Life and Learning Community
  • Specialized student council officer
  • Honors international travel faculty / staff member

Students interested in applying for financial aid will participate in a two-step process:

Step 1: Complete the online application form

Submit the application form

Step 2: Interviews

In-person interviews / conversations between the finalists of the application and the review board, usually taking place two to three weeks after each application deadline

Useful points

  • This fund is reserved for students of Honors College.
  • Only international travel from Honors College can be funded.
  • Scholarships can be used for airfare, tuition fees, required taxis / ground transportation, airline imposed baggage fees, school supply fees, accommodation fees or meal expenses anticipated. They cannot be used for: airline upgrades from main economy class, within country or 3e-transportation or accommodation in the country not required by the educational program, taking out additional insurance, expenses from the country of origin must still be paid abroad (rent, car, telephone, etc.) .
  • The amount of money awarded to applicants will vary depending on the demand and needs of the students, although scholarships generally do not cover the majority of the travel costs involved. As such, applicants are invited to identify several sources of funding.
  • Funds will be allocated to students by credit to the student account. Any student who receives funds who do not travel on a trip will be required to reimburse Honors College for their scholarship no later than 3 months after the scholarship is distributed.
  • Students can apply twice a year, but will not receive funds more than once.
  • Priority will be given to Honors College students who currently reside or have previously resided in the Honors College living and learning community.
  • Decisions of the review committee are final.

HON 410

Students of Honors College are encouraged to register for HON 410 after their trip. This class provides students returning from international travel with valuable reflection and integration tools and will enrich future international travel experiences. Students will also have the opportunity to consider distinctive experience options around the theme of International Honors and to share their cross-cultural skills with others within and outside the Honors College community.



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