Three Drew University MAT students named NJ Distinguished Clinical Interns


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Three Drew University MAT students named NJ Distinguished Clinical Interns

Lauren DeLillo C’21, G’22, Max Diaz G’22 and Emily Hayes G’22 received the honor with distinction

June 2022 – Three students from Drew University’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program have been named among the Top 15 Distinguished Clinical Interns by the New Jersey Department of Education.

Caspersen School of Graduate Studies students Lauren DeLillo C’21, G’22, Max Diaz G’22, and Emily Hayes G’22 received the honor with distinction. At least one Caspersen School of Graduate Studies MAT student has received recognition since 2017, including three in 2020 and two in 2021.

“Drew having three interns named among the State of New Jersey’s Best is a testament to our nominees, the talent and effort they bring to the teaching profession, and the quality of the faculty and staff who support them during their intense year. program,” said Kristen Turner, professor and director of teacher education. “We pride ourselves on our commitment to cultivating every teacher, providing them with the support and guidance they need to reach their potential.”

The students shared this sentiment.

“Drew’s accelerated education program, while rigorous, is incredible. Drew’s support system of teachers, counsellors, supervisors and teacher mentors made me feel so safe and confident as a developing teacher,” said Hayes, who completed an internship in the second grade. year from Bedwell Elementary in Bernardsville, NJ.

“The professors were intentional with their teaching and materials so that all content was applicable to what we were doing in our student teaching placements at any given time. Learning new material and having the ability to apply it immediately makes the content so much more meaningful, and that’s something I really enjoy about Drew’s program.

Diaz, who completed a work placement at nearby Chatham High School and has since been hired at Livingston High School, added: ‘The support from teachers and teachers in Drew’s education program has really helped me to succeed and prepared me for my career. They were beyond supportive and were always on hand to help us with anything we needed, whether it was tuition, job/interview information, or just life advice.

“The MAT program very intentionally designed a schedule for us in which we were exposed to instruction from our groups throughout the school year,” said DeLillo, who taught math at Madison High School. “I got to know my students on a deep level and they got to know me all the same, which I believe is one of the most important aspects of teaching.”

MAT candidates will earn not only a diploma and an award, but also feelings of pride and validation.

“For me, this recognition is such an honor and it means that all the time and energy I put into teaching the students was noticed and appreciated,” DeLillo said. “This recognition also helps reassure me that teaching is really the right path for me.”

“This recognition means a lot to me,” Hayes said. “Working hard for something you really want always feels good, but the recognition definitely makes the feeling more meaningful. I poured my heart into my essay, which was about my relationship with an ELL student in my class. This recognition also feels like a tribute to her, to the defining moments we have shared this year.

Diaz added, “Entering the world of teaching was a career change for me, so being recognized as one of NJ’s 15 Distinguished Clinical Interns this year confirms to me that I made the right choice when I decided to become a teacher and that my hard work over the past year has not gone unnoticed.


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