Thousands of people demonstrate against SafePass in Cyprus, demand an end to vaccine pressure


Nicosia [Cyprus], July 19 (ANI / Sputnik): Thousands of people gathered outside the presidential palace in Cyprus’s capital Nicosia to protest SafePass and what they see as pressure to get a COVID-19 vaccine , local media report.

Protesters gathered on Human Rights Square in front of the presidential palace on Sunday. The protest, organized through social media groups, was peaceful, although there was a police presence, Cyprus Mail said.
According to the newspaper, the protesters demanded the removal of SafePass, the end of bi-weekly tests for unvaccinated employees and demanded a declaration from the presidency that vaccination against the coronavirus will not be compulsory. Protesters were also calling for better, earlier treatment for COVID-19 in favor of vaccines.
SafePass – a document to check virus immunity for people wishing to visit public places – was introduced in Cyprus in May, but was initially only required in certain indoor locations. From July 20, SafePass will become mandatory in almost all public places, including transport, shops and cafes.
In addition, the Cypriot government is abolishing the provision of free rapid antigenic tests from August 1 in a bid to encourage more people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. (ANI / Sputnik)


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