The Sekai project reveals three visual novels and a platform game


Sekai Project has released four new trailers for some of their upcoming visual novels. The publisher announced these titles during Anime Expo Lite. All four games will arrive on PC via Steam.

The first is Sloppy Dragon Princess 2. This will be the sequel to Sekai Project’s debut title and Sloppy Dragon Princess Love + More. Developed by Whirlpool, the game will feature dragon girls heading to the beach for a vacation.

Then is Qualia ~ The path of promise ~. The premise will involve an android maid falling in love with a genius hermit. Especially, Qualia will be the first game from developer Puresis.

The third visual novel is Amairo Chocolate 2. Developed by Cabbage Soft, this title will also be a sequel. The story revolves around two cafes selling candy with girls with animal ears.

Finally, we have the outlier of the Sekai project, Tobari 2: Nightmare. The platform title will be a difficult challenge with 30 types of magic, 48 stages and 6 worlds. Developer Desunoya and publisher have stated that this is not a game for just any gamer. If gamers want to enjoy it without the high difficulty, Sekai Project recommended Tobari 2: Dream Ocean.

Sekai Project will release all four games, which will launch on Windows PCs through Steam. The publisher also has their highly anticipated visual novel Nekopara: cat paradise on my way.


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