The “Haruki Murakami Library” will open next month



Japanese novelist Murakami Haruki has expressed hope that an installation featuring material he gave to his alma mater in Tokyo will serve as the university’s new cultural center.

The Waseda International House of Literature, also known as the “Haruki Murakami Library”, offers an opportunity to examine articles donated by the writer, including original writings and documents relating to his works.

Murakami met with reporters alongside Waseda University President Tanaka Aiji and others on Wednesday, ahead of the facility’s scheduled opening on October 1.

He said he wanted to do his best to create an environment that he found ideal and that he wanted the library to add books and documents from many other people so that it could become a large research center and dynamic.

Murakami also expressed hope that the installation will be a liberal, unique and stimulating space where students can freely propose their original ideas.

He referred to the institution’s motto, “Explore your story, speak with your heart”.

He said that not only do novelists, but everyone continues to make their own stories every day, adding that people cannot lead fulfilling lives without making their past, present and future a story, let them consciously or unconsciously.

Murakami said recently that he often wonders if young people these days are capable of creating vivid stories about their future.

He said he believes ideals should exist in any world, and the role of a novelist is to tell a number of good stories.



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