The 3-Day Friends Book Manna Returns and Still Covers It All


Romance isn’t dead, at least not at the Friends of the Abilene Public Library’s annual book sale.

Paperbacks and hardbacks galore featuring muscular men grabbing passed out maidens in their arms, often with a gothic castle, mysterious mansion, or rigged sailboat looming in the background, stretch out far away at the Abilene Convention Center, crammed over and under tables.

Nearby, robed wizards and valiant warriors mingle freely with the captains of spaceships in vistas lit by eerie suns, while collections of poetry, popular novels and a treasure trove of little guest books glow. respective sections.

Part of the selection of pocket-size romance novels available for purchase from the Friends of Abilene Public Library Books Sale.

Just about every type of storytelling you can imagine is available among the 30,000 items on sale this weekend.

It opens to the public at 10 a.m. on Friday and continues on Saturday and Sunday.

From children’s books and graphic novels to the lifetime supply of James Grisham, from Kipling to King to the Bronte sisters, from Mark Twain to the 20th anniversary edition of “Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader”, it’s all. there – and all for a good cause, raising funds for the multiple efforts of Friends.

The remainder of this year’s sale will be donated to Global Samaritan Resources.

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Paperback books awaiting purchase at the Friends of Abilene Public Library Book Sale, which begins Friday.

From tight hardback books to well-researched paperbacks, the selections were carefully picked, categorized and categorized by volunteers, said Kathy Curtis, who coordinates the ad.

This year represents somewhat of a triumphant return for sale, with COVID-19 putting the effort into 2020 for the first – and, hopefully, the only – time, she said.

Donations for future sales, always a constant stream, also had to be cold-stopped due to an already overflowing warehouse, Curtis said.

Once the sale is over, “we’re going to start receiving donations again,” she said, with that opportunity starting July 8.

Top notch selections

DVDs on sale at the Friends of Abilene Public Library Book Sale.

For a book lover, strolling on the tables is a look into paradise.

Endless ink, amen.

Want to read Alfred Hitchcock’s notebooks, followed by scintillating vampire stories, chained to biblical patriarch biographies and books on Scottish folklore?


But you are covered.

For the more omnivorous of the crowd, this year’s sale, as in the past, includes DVDs, CDs, albums, audiobooks and cassettes.

As with any kitchen sink style setup, some of what’s on offer is dated (“New Ways of the 90s” may or may not get you very far today), while others, like beautifully exemplified. Connected to Plato’s “Republic” or Virgil’s “Eneid” have stood the test of time.

Want to learn 500 ways to barbecue just about anything you can imagine? There is a book for that.

Need to lose weight after eating all that barbecue? A tome promising “Ultrametabolism” could help.

Want to learn how to help yourself? “You can be happy no matter what.”

Audiobooks available for sale from Friends of Abilene Public Library.

Does the self-exam seem boring to you? Cycle through the open lineup, at least by proxy, a six iron on your hip and a trusty steed by your side, through the huge stacks of westerns on sale, dominated by household names like Kelton, L’Amour, McMurtry and other.

Deep thinkers can find tons of philosophy, religious thought, and scientific speculation, while history buffs and pop culture fanatics are all provided equally.

For collectors with refined tastes, the “Antiquités et Uniques” tables offer original editions, fine copies and crème de la crème selections.

Curtis, a reader herself, said the books are especially good for summer reading by the pool or while traveling.

“You don’t have to charge them,” she said.

But they might just charge you, sparking some imagination, insight, or inspiration.

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Novels for sale at the Friends of the Abilene Public Library book sale.

If you are going to

What: Sale of books by the Friends of the Abilene Public Library

When: Friday, 10 am-7pm; Saturday 10 am-5pm; Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Or: Abilene Convention Center, 1100 North Sixth St.

Cost: No entrance fees. Books are usually $ 1 to $ 2, with other items charged. Antique and unique items are more expensive. Sunday “Bag-O-Books” sale, $ 6 per paper bag (provided).

Payment: Cash, checks accepted, debit and most major credit cards.


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