Teachers offer tips to make summer learning more inspiring, creative and stimulating, using Osmo’s STEAM technology for schools


Exploring nature, creating stories, learning financial literacy, are among the ideas suggested.

Palo Alto- From exploring nature and creating stories to financial literacy, teachers across the United States are offering advice to their colleagues on how to make summer learning more inspiring, creative and stimulating for students, using Osmo for schools‘STEAM technology.

Brittany Thomas, grade 5 teacher at Glen Burnie Park Elementary School in Glen Burnie, Maryland, says:

“Summer is a good time for students to extend their learning in the classroom. As a reading teacher, I like to use Osmo with students to engage learners and develop their writing skills. One idea is for students to take “inspiration walks” around the school (or outside) and take photos that can inspire their writing. They then use these images to illustrate their stories using Osmo’s Masterpiece app. I have always found inspiring walks, combined with taking photos and practicing drawing skills encouraged by the Masterpiece app, to motivate and inspire my students, and the results are wonderful!

Katy beattie, teacher-librarian at Garfield Elementary School in Olympia, Washington, says:

“Osmo’s are one of my students’ favorite things to have in our school library. The Osmo Monster app allows my young students to actively participate in classroom conversation and collaboration, and they can create a story with Mo, the main character of Monster. As a summer learning idea, I would strongly recommend that teachers encourage first graders to try this and create a book afterwards of the story they ventured into with Mo – they can identify the beginning, middle and end of their story, as well as the protagonist and perhaps the antagonist.

Alexa Brown, a grade 5 teacher at Central Elementary School in Van Buren, Arkansas, says:

“Summer is a great time for students to learn financial literacy! Osmo for Schools’ Pizza Co. integrates real world math, financial literacy, emotional intelligence and more. Beyond being a game about cute animals running a pizza business, it instills students with “real world” financial skills, which helps produce well-rounded citizens, stronger communities, and better employees. effective. ”

Jennifer Mahin, STEM K-5 teacher and technology integration specialist at East Elementary School in Belleville, Kansas, says:

“Summer school is a good time to explore outdoor themes and activities. I do STEM plant challenges and create seed bombs, and I integrate this theme with Osmo Coding Awbie since the main character Awbie ventures outside and camps. For example, teachers can talk to students about camping or nature walks, and have students create a water lily since Awbie jumps on it, or have students pick up and count sticks as he jumps on it to cross the water. Planning an outdoor theme could encourage students to get outside while exploring STEM learning.

Melissa Stark, a special education teacher at P94M in New York, New York, says:

“Summer is a great time for students to enjoy the learning process and design their own learning experience!

My students love using the Osmo Little Genius Kit to improve their fine motor skills. Writing letters can be difficult for students, but learning to form letters in a fun and playful way can help them better develop these skills and understand how to write letters. They can then design how they would like to check comprehension, after the game, to make it their own by choosing materials to recreate what they saw in the game (i.e. shapes, buttons, stickers to make the letter / object).

Stephanie Tharp, a grade 1 to 2 teacher in Wilsonville, Oregon, says:“One of the ways we improve learning in the summer is by challenging each child to complete 3 new levels in four basic Osmo games (Coding Duo, Lettertopia / Words, Coding Jam, Math Wizard) each week. The first to complete the challenge each week is entered into the draw for the End of Summer Prize. Challenging students helps tackle the summer slide, while developing their problem-solving skills exponentially.

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