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The renowned novelist Stephen king has a successful career as a This O The light, among a long list of books, many of which were brought to Hollywood as films that have multiplied the interest of the general public in this author’s work. King’s fantasies first came on paper and then made it to the big screen, turning him into a celebrity to match the most acclaimed filmmakers.

An interview was the perfect setting for the acclaimed novelist to choose his best stories from a successful career. Of course, the controversy will not be long in coming. The author named only five books, leaving out his favorites many classics. For example, he did not name Carrie, the story that catapulted him to fame. He was also not presented The light, chosen by Stanley kubrick to adapt it to the cinema. This, the story of killer clown, outside. What are the author’s favorite books? The list!

+ Stephen King chose his best works

5. Type of survivor

A short horror story that tells the story of the disgraced surgeon Richard “Pine” Tweezers, that while trying to smuggle heroin onto a ship, an explosion forces him to leave the ship and finds himself stranded on a desert island where he decides to write about his experiences in the world of medicine and little by little. little he loses his reason. Finally, the protagonist devours his own limbs in this descent into madness proposed by the author.

4. Misery

A horror novel that tells the story of the writer Paul sheldon, who after a car accident wakes up under the care of the nurse Annie wilkes, admirer of his work. She is ready to do everything possible to ensure that the author continues to write stories of Misery, the series of novels that ended with the death of the protagonist. Soon, Sheldon you will discover the determination of your kidnapper …

3. Lisey’s story

Lisey Debusher Two years ago she was the widow of a famous novelist, Scott Landon, who won the Pulitzer Prize. She must have learned a lot about her partner’s job. Then, he discovers a place where the author takes refuge in search of ideas, but at the same time it terrifies him: Booya ‘Moon. What started as the need to heed her late husband’s papers turned into a deadly journey.

2. The stand

It is a post-apocalyptic horror novel and the author’s best-selling fiction in the United States. It chronicles the spread of a biological weapon that is only known as the Blue book and bears the familiar name of Captain Vagabond. The disease kills most of the world’s population. The setting is conducive to the confrontation of two groups which symbolize the good and the bad.

Imagen from Le Stand. Photo credits: IMDb.

1. Stay close to me

Also known as The body, tells the story of four young people determined to find the corpse of a boy missing and presumed dead. The twelve-year-old protagonists will discover in this adventure the importance of friendship and some of the hard truths that come from growing up in a place with few alternatives for the future. Emotional!

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