Sandra Bullock was skinned by cheese and almonds for 1 “surreal” scene


In Paramount Pictures’ The lost city, Sandra Bullock stars with Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe in the romantic adventure comedy. While the premise of throwing a romance novelist and her cover model into a dense jungle adventure is pretty crazy, Radcliffe recalled “the most surreal thing” he had ever seen; people bombarding Sandra Bullock with cheese and almonds. He talked about the bizarre experience on set.

Sandra Bullock at the premiere of ‘The Lost City’ | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Daniel Radcliffe said the script called for a ‘meat and cheese vortex’ around Sandra Bullock in ‘The Lost City’ scene

Sandra Bullock (57) has the unfortunate fate of being kidnapped by Radcliffe’s character in The lost city. And the Harry Potter the actor recalled their first destructive scene together on hello america.

“So at the end of the first scene that my characters and Sandra’s characters have together, these massive doors open at the end and a plane lands behind me,” Radcliffe said. “And the room we’re in is filled with meat and cheese. And then in the script it was described as a “meat and cheese vortex” is formed by the plane landing outside and everything goes crazy.

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Radcliffe and Sandra Bullock watched the special effects people roll in as massive fans looked excited.

“The special effects guys brought in two fans from outside,” Radcliffe said. “They looked at us very happily and said, ‘We’re normally never allowed to use them indoors.’ So what [they] just destroyed the set with it, but it led to a close-up of perhaps the most surreal thing I’ve ever seen.

In ‘The Lost City’, Sandra Bullock was hit with ‘brie and almonds’ from people standing just ‘feet’ from her

Paramount wanted Brad Pitt to appear in the film to surprise audiences. And Radcliffe never would have thought he would see something as weird as what happened after the guys at SFX brought in their fans. He thought the “meat and cheese vortex” would be the only weird story on set.

However, he saw “seven or eight people standing two meters from Sandra Bullock throwing brie and almonds at her”.

The situation was incredibly “surreal” for the actor watching such a huge Hollywood star get food thrown in his face behind the camera. While playing the villain in The lost city film, even he found the situation strange.

Radcliffe laughed in the CMG interview, saying, “you know, she’s very playful.”

Scene Hilariously Features Daniel Radcliffe’s Villain

The quirky scene where Radcliffe’s villain lands a plane behind him sets up his villain perfectly. He tries to make a good impression The lost cityeven when Sandra Bullock’s character has none of that.

“It’s incredibly fun to play the bad guy,” Radcliffe admitted. “He’s a bad guy, but his badness is driven by some pretty pathetic things. He just desperately needs his dad’s approval, and even though he kidnaps Sandra, he’s still desperate for her to love him and thinks he’s cool even though he does these terrible things.

When the chance to star in the film came up, Radcliffe said it was a no-brainer.

“To be able to play a villain opposite Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum was a very easy ‘yes’.”

Fans can watch The lost city from Paramount Pictures in theaters March 25, 2022.

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