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Bengaluru: RV University (RVU) has established a new, world-class, technology-driven design school in Bengaluru under the leadership of Professor Vinay Mundada, who has over 33 years of experience in this field.

It offers a four-year B. Des program with specialization in product design and innovation, graphic and information design, user experience design, and spatial design. As part of the M. Des in two years program, specializations in interaction design and information design are offered. In addition, there is a doctorate. program in design. These programs aim to lay the foundations for innovation, impact and ambition.

Established by the Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust, the School of Design is one of three schools in RVU, which is set to begin its degree programs this year after obtaining all regulatory approvals.

RVU has appointed Professor Vinay Mundada as Dean of the School of Design. Previously, he served as Dean of the School of Design at Flame University and DSK World University in Pune. He was also Director of the Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune and Senior Design Engineer, National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology. He holds a bachelor’s degree in production and industrial engineering from the University of Bombay, followed by a master’s degree in industrial design from IIT Bombay.

Welcoming the establishment of this school, Prof. YSR Murthy, Vice-Chancellor of RV University, said: “We are delighted that our design school is starting its study programs from the current year. Considering the number of students who have already been admitted to this school, we are deeply impressed by the confidence shown in us by students and parents. We have recruited highly qualified teachers and created an impressive physical infrastructure. We have also forged collaborations with industry, civil society as well as leading universities across the world, which will open up many exciting opportunities for our students. I am sure the students will make full use of them.

Referring to the school’s commitment to giving students a comprehensive education, Dr Murthy added, “RV University offers a wide range of options for minors. This choice of minors in history, philosophy, literature, psychology, physics, theater and performing arts, film studies, economics, finance, marketing aims to prepare the student for a creative and impactful future.

Professional Vice-Chancellor Professor Dwarika Uniyal said: “Our potential students can expect to be proficient in areas such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence and collaborative skills – knowledge that enables them to adapt to whatever design practice they join. We are committed to not only teaching students to prioritize existing builds, but also to challenge the status quo and lead the industry into the future.

Referring to the underlying principles of the school, Dean and Professor Vinay Mundada said: “First and foremost, design education must make a human being sensitive to behavior, needs, culture and to the environment of other human beings. We at the school of design design curricula and curricula that, while retaining the basic design learnings, would also encompass learnings from the disciplines of the humanities, social sciences, technology, and business. We plan to incorporate best practices in design education around the world to enrich the experience of students taking design training at RV University.

RV University has appointed Professor Pramod Riswadkar as Program Manager, User Experience Design. A product of IIT, Bombay, it has been designing for 20 years in the areas of user experience design and education, e-learning, multimedia design, publication design and The advertisement. His research interests include, among others, the direction of design in autonomous communities, emerging technologies, emerging technologies, information architecture and design.

Professor Rattan Gangadhar has been appointed Program Manager, Product Design. A product of IIT, Bombay, he is an experienced design professional with experience working in digital content creation and transportation design. As a design educator, he has had experience teaching a variety of courses from core students to master’s students in product and space design. His areas of expertise include, among others, product design, business design, design thinking, space design, experience design, entrepreneurship and start-ups, interface design, digital design and change by design.

RVU’s design school is aware of this topology of contemporary design and understands the need for a curriculum that reflects the interdependence of our complex societies and goes beyond design as a discipline. Elaborating on this point, Dean Professor Mundada said: “Design education in this country broadly follows the Bauhaus philosophy of ‘Learn by Doing’ which still remains at the heart of teaching and learning. learning design. While adhering to this philosophy, we at RV University embrace new avenues of multidisciplinary learning. This would be achieved by incorporating the philosophy of liberal education into courses and design projects. There would be an interdisciplinary learning opportunity for students by choosing a minor in any specialization offered by the other schools in RV University (School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Economics and Finance). All design students will receive sufficient information to understand the business aspects of design and be an entrepreneur. We understand the need and importance of raising awareness among young talents who have a creative mind and wish to embark on careers quirky in design careers.

Referring to a gap between design education and industry expectations, Dean Professor Mundada said: “While maintaining the core curriculum of design education, we will ensure that it is in place. in line with the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s industry by having close and regular interactions. with design professionals and industry experts in the validation of the program as well as through their involvement in the conduct of master classes, workshops, jury and mentoring. We would invite professional experts to interact regularly with students both formally and informally. Our students will benefit from hands-on exposure to the industry through summer internships and industry-sponsored wrap-up projects.

The curriculum of RVU is centered on the curiosity, ingenuity, willingness to explore and experiment of the student as well as on his capacity of observation. When asked who would be qualified to join this institution, Dean Prof. Vinay Mundada said: “Curiosity and good observational skills are the essential qualities that we expect from the current generation of learners that will enable them to acquire the desired knowledge and skills. They must be open-minded to explore and experiment in order to find innovative and relevant solutions that will be most appropriate and attractive to the target audience. Budding designers need to engage with emerging trends and technologies and need to acquire and develop the best manual and mental skills. While being actors, they should also strive to be good thinkers.

Although Bengaluru is home to several design schools that cater to a variety of design specializations, the RV School of Design is unique in many ways. It is based on the firm belief that an expansion of the subject matter taught and what design education represents is necessary. The mandate of the design school is to produce students capable of working in a complex environment of ever-changing needs, demands and constraints. With appropriate training and experience, our designers will be well suited to become leaders of large and complex socio-technical systems. The school is not afraid to foster non-traditional roles for designers and this is precisely what is required for the demands of the 21st century.


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