Ron Rivera Mic’d Up: But Here’s What The Washington Soccer Team Coach Won’t Say



Ron Rivera circled the block. So we tend to show deference when it comes to decisions of the Washington football team that we don’t fully understand… or with which we totally disagree.

Case in point: Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the starting quarterback in Washington to open the 2021 NFL season – although Rivera hasn’t said so yet.

Why wait? Isn’t there an advantage in the other 52 knowing who their quarterback is, who is their boss? Isn’t there a downside to trying to play mind games when, with all due respect to Taylor Heinicke, it’s pretty clear he’s number 2?

“We don’t play for 21 days,” Rivera said. “Whenever it’s time to say it, I say it. Every time we take out the first depth chart, you’ll see it.

Rivera could have stopped there. Fortunately, while he’s a trainer with an often energetic style, he also knows when to use a lighter hard. Example? Watch the NFL video on the mic here. It’s brief … but speaking …

Yeah, there’s a way to deal with Fitzpatrick and a way to deal with Heinicke and a way to deal with Kyle Allen and even a way to deal with Steven Montez.

But again – and we’re delighted with it – Rivera also understands that there is a way to deal with the media. And when it comes to deciding on a starting QB, what’s a big deal in the NFL? He took the time to explain, just a little.

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“At the moment that’s not the important thing,” he said of the appointment of a starter. “The important thing is that we continue to work, prepare and prepare and everyone is competing. done or not, I just think we’re caught up in something right now that isn’t as important as practicing, developing, learning, and doing things the right way.

Yes. Ron Rivera circled the block.

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