Robin is trained by the daughter of Nightwing’s greatest enemy


The last Robin, Damian Wayne, has entered the Lazarus Deadly Tournament, but to survive he will need the help of Deathstroke’s daughter, Ravager.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Robin # 2

The last Robin, Damian Wayne, used to pretend he was trained by the best of the best, now that includes Ravager, the daughter of Nightwing’s sworn enemy. While not as well-known as her insidious father, Rose Wilson is a capable fighter who will undoubtedly have more than a few lessons for the arrogant Damian.

Damian’s last adventures in the DC Universe began when he discovered the mysterious League of Lazarus while he was venturing with his mother. Although Talia urged Damian to forget about her, Batman’s still stubborn son couldn’t help but investigate further. This ultimately led him to the Mortal combat-esque Lazare Tournament. Even Damian himself knows he’s walking a dark path as he reveals a hallucination of Alfred. Unfortunately, his willingness to prove himself overcomes any moral qualms he might have. When he finally arrives on Tournament Island, he is stopped by Deathstroke’s daughter, Ravager, who recognizes Damian and wonders what he’s doing in the Deadly Tournament. He ignores her completely and instantly demands a fight. He meets the new anti-hero Flatline. Despite all of Damian’s arrogance and bravado, Flatline easily defeats him in battle, literally ripping his heart out.

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Now in Robin # 2 by Joshua Williamson and Gleb Melnikov, Damian wakes up with his body fully restored. True to its name, Île Lazare is a place where no one can die. As soon as Damina wakes up, he’s greeted by Ravager, who gives him details of anything he’s missed. While Damian was away, tournament organizers explained his rules to him. Much like a video game, Lazarus Island will resurrect every fighter three times. After the third, the fighter’s soul is lost. Fighting can only take place during the day, so no killing of people in their sleep. Finally, anyone who survives the tournament will be endowed with permanent immortality. Rose also explains the tournament’s deadliest fighters. Although Robin initially repels her attempts to help her, he takes them a little more seriously when she kidnaps him in the middle of the night. Her first lesson for Damian ends up being how to have fun.

Ravager causing Damian

While Rose doesn’t give any reason in the comic itself, it’s very easy to see that she is probably doing it indirectly in favor of Nightwing. Although Ravager initially started out as a villain for the Teen Titans, she was more often a member and ally of the team, as she eventually came to terms with just how mean her father really was. It’s also possible that Rose sees herself as more than a little bit of herself in Damian, as Rose had a rather difficult childhood and started out as incredibly serious. However, her time with the Titans finally proved to her that she was more than just a weapon.

Despite how silly it may sound, Rose teaching Damian how to have fun is very much needed. Batman might have been a better role model for Damian than Talia, but even Batman could never give Damian what he really needs for a decent childhood. Rose claims that learning to have fun will help Damian in battle, but more than that, it will help him grow into a more complete person. Robin the new teacher could be the daughter of of the wing of the night greatest enemy, but she’s also the only person who can teach Damian that he’s more than just a warrior.

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