Rick Scott Warns of Homeland Security ‘Thought Police’


US senator. Rick Scott is the latest Florida Republican to warn that the President Joe Bidenit is homeland department Security seeks to restrict free speech, borrowing generously from a 20th-century British author and essayist to make his point.

In a press release from his Senate office on Monday afternoon, Scott said “Biden’s thought police are a terrifying assault on free speech.”

“Joe Biden is using the DHS to create a thought police and that should scare all Americans. The president claims to care about countering misinformation, but he and his administration have repeatedly lied to the American people and even called on social media companies to censor and silence American voices,” Scott urged.

“We need to be very clear: this is not about a commitment to the truth or the safety of families. It is Joe Biden and the Democrats who are using the feds to control the speech.

Scott expects to ‘put pressure’ on DHS secretary Alexander Mayorkas on the Disinformation Governance Council during Wednesday’s Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing, and he invoked the British novelist george orwell to indicate the seriousness of his intention.

“Biden’s thought police are straight out of Orwell’s 1984 and I will do everything in my power to destroy this attack on free speech,” Scott urged.

Scott isn’t the only Orwell fan among leading Florida Republicans. His successor as governor also leaned into the dystopian classic, saying Biden was seeking to create a “ministry of truth.”

“You can’t have a Ministry of Truth in this country,” the governor said. Ron DeSantis said Friday in Williston. “We’re not going to let Biden get away with this one. We will fight back. »

DeSantis described the agency’s appointed head, Wilson Center misinformation comrade Nina Jankowiczas a “COVID lockdown advocate who has herself spread misinformation about the Biden hunter tapes, which supported Russian collusion conspiracy theories.

According to homeland security todaythe so-called Disinformation Governance Council will work to combat misinformation and disinformation. Associated Press notes this work will take many forms, from examining messages received by undocumented immigrants crossing the Mexico-US border to electoral disinformation, such as that from Russia.

Jankowicz’s past comments have already received examination from the right. She had to explain a claim in 2020 that the Biden hunter the laptop was a “(Donald)Trump campaign product.

Her professional experience is vast and spans multiple continents, including Ukraine, where she “advised the Ukrainian government on strategic communications under the auspices of a Fulbright-Clinton Public Policy Fellowship,” according to her Wilson Center biography. .

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