Richmond writer-in-residence novels focus on minority women



“Often, minority women have to make difficult choices. “

This is the message and universal theme of the novels of Richmond’s newest writer-in-residence program, Sonya Lalli.

Lalli, who recently moved from Toronto to Vancouver, said she was in her mid-twenties when she decided to write her first book, titled “The Matchmaker’s List,” to talk about the expectations that southern women have. Asian and minority women face growing up.

“It’s something that a lot of my friends and people I knew were going through constantly,” Lalli said.

“(Women) are often overwhelmed by these expectations, this cultural background, sexism and many obstacles that prevent us from becoming our best selves or our real selves, and from seeking what we really want, from loving who we want. really and that sort of thing. “

While she said she wasn’t sure what kind of genre she would focus her writing on, her editor and editor gave her the direction she needed – romance and female fiction.

Lalli added that telling stories of women, their love lives, and their relationships with family and society is a subject she enjoys very much.

However, writing was not his first career choice.

Rather, it was in the field of law that she studied and worked like “many children in immigrant households” before finding solace in writing and a new career in publishing.

“The creative industry and the arts are not things that people were aware of because a lot of (immigrant families) are encouraged to find stable careers and be able to ‘succeed’ in a new country,” Lalli said. , adding that careers like a doctor, lawyer, engineer or accountant were the jobs that had “status and the hallmark of success.”

“Writing my first book was motivating and it was really cathartic… writing can be personal and therapeutic as a way to come out and find out how you really feel.

Lalli will talk about her recent works during a free meeting at the Richmond Public Library on September 25 from 3 to 4 p.m.

Registration is required for the event and can be done by clicking on here.



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