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In the Philippines, many adult Filipinos still find it difficult to apply for loans. However, the high demand for digital transactions and experiences, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, has brought opportunities that have led to revolutionizing lending to unbanked Filipinos towards a more financially inclusive Philippines.

Prime Global Finance Corporation (PGFC) – one of the first private lending companies of its kind in the country – recently launched its fully automated and digital loan application process for all its clients. PGFC, now celebrating its 25th year in the finance industry, began primarily supporting vendors and suppliers who did business with the Hortaleza group of companies. The late 1990s saw an economic crisis where it was not possible to take out a bank loan, and the opening of loans to its partners with the ultimate goal of mutual growth led to more business expansions. Fast forward to another recent global crisis, PGFC pushed for a different way of doing business – by digitizing its processes and services to customers and loan officers.

“To date, PGFC has particularly provided support to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as a stepping stone for companies to build their credibility and financial needs until they are able to move into acquisition. of bank financing on their own,” Alfonso Hortaleza, Managing Director of PGFC said. “For many years, PGFC has provided consistent financial support to its customers through its portfolio of loan products such as business loans, home loans and personal loans, as well as consumer loans to salaried individuals for personal purposes. These loan products are competitively priced and come with tailored repayment terms that match our customers’ cash flows,” he added. PGFC prides itself on providing faster loan approval processing, simple loan requirements and cash flow based repayment in addition to very competitive interest rates.

With a focus on efficiency through digitized loan processing, PGFC has also recently launched its own loan officer portal which enables its loan officer partners to efficiently assist and monitor their clients’ journey from end-to-end, from application submission to loan release. It also offers its loan officers the best commission program for a financially rewarding partnership.

“With PGFC’s digital transformation, we’ve seen over a thousand additional applications and nearly a thousand additional loan officers, growing our business by 150% over previous years. The push for broader reach, enabling online loan applications anytime, anywhere, and shortening application processing has revolutionized the way we do business and finance for more Filipinos,” said Rico Dela Cruz, president of PGFC.

PGFC aims to be national in scope within the next 5 years. “As a dynamic organization, we have learned that to survive any crisis, we must become an agile team that can pivot at any time and draw on all the platforms available to us,” said Dr Rolando B Hortaleza. , CEO of PGFC. The company is set to expand its operations and services, to provide financial assistance to all small businesses and start-ups based in other parts of the country beyond Metro Manila.

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