Parents demonstrate in favor of distance education



LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) – The distance learning debate rages on, fueled by several decisions the governor has made in recent weeks.

“Students are getting sick with COVID and they are not informed. Parents or teachers and it is very dangerous. For me, I have a toddler at home, and if one of my students gets sick, I’m afraid I will catch it and pass it on to my toddler.

Jose Luis Martinez, a former educator, has left the teaching profession due to current conditions due to COVID-19.

“The reason I quit was because of COVID. I don’t want to get sick. I didn’t want my toddler to get sick and I’m not vaccinated and I don’t believe in the vaccine. I think it’s a placebo or something that makes you feel comfortable going out.

We first saw it in private schools, but now both school districts are seeing cases surfacing. So parents demand online education.

A woman stood outside the district office to protest and claims her two children have underlying conditions and wants her children to teach at home. She says her youngest has Asperger’s.

She says her youngest keeps asking if he should go back to school, but Sanchez Ochoa’s principal needs the proper forms before a teacher contacts him or comes through the house.

“I can assure parents at LISD that we are doing everything possible to ensure that our schools, buses and facilities are safe and as clean as possible,” Martinez said. “We have spent thousands and thousands of dollars in resources disinfecting disinfection equipment and chemicals, and most importantly, training all staff to be vigilant of anything that looks dangerous.”

Martinez just thinks more needs to be done to keep teachers and students safe.

“Since the governorship is up to the district, whether it wants to go virtual or not, that would be great. It would be much safer if the virus did not spread. “

The American Academy of Pediatrics says there has been a 143% increase in infections in children under 12.

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