Ōtepoti Dunedin says no to imports of “blood phosphate”


Western Sahara Campaign NZ draws attention to the morning mourning action held today. on July 12, 2022, in Ōtepoti Dunedin, by Environmental Justice Ōtepoti (EJO).

As the EJO noted – “This morning the citizens of Dunedin gathered in the harbor to bid farewell to the Sea Breeze, a vessel carrying hundreds of tons of blood phosphate stolen directly from Western Sahara.

Western Sahara is still brutally occupied by the Moroccan state. Ravensdown, by purchasing the stolen blood phosphate, accuses himself of war criminals.

By continuing to import these stolen goods even after Morocco violated the 30-year ceasefire in November 2020, they are actively funding the violent repression of the indigenous Sahrawi people.

We call on Ravensdown to end this illegal purchase, to stop funding an ongoing war, which will allow the Sahrawi people to hold an independent UN referendum freeing them from Moroccan rule for sovereignty over their homeland.

We know that Ravensdown and Ballance Agri-Nutrients are among the last two companies in the world independent of Morocco still financing this war; inhabited by over 100,000 Moroccan soldiers and police, a wall of sand over 2,500 km littered with landmines and the continued terror/torture/disappearance of Sahrawi peace activists and citizens.

Ōtepoti is strong in his convictions and values ​​not to participate voluntarily in the active genocide of the Sahrawi nation. We remember Kiribati and Nauru, Pacific nations already ravaged by this violent industry; and the industries that poisoned Whenua and Wai Māori in the name of industrialized agriculture.

A solemn morning of mourning as we support the liberation of Sahrawis in their quest for sovereignty”.

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