OriginClear to Launch Fintech Water On Demand Startup


OriginClear Inc. (OTC Pink: OCLN), a leader in clean water innovation, announces the spin-off of its Water On Demand™ business. Water On Demand is a groundbreaking water fintech startup that funds private water utility programs.

“Water On Demand can help businesses eliminate or lessen their reliance on municipal wastewater treatment, which can be costly or even completely unavailable,” said Riggs Eckelberry, CEO of OriginClear. “This is a growing trend as city water systems fall behind in funding and people migrate further and further away from major urban centers. For wastewater producers, the ability to pay as you go for water treatment services is revolutionary. For investors, Water On Demand allows them to participate in the financing of these services at a stage that we believe is undervalued.

“There is no product more important than clean water,” said Ken Berenger, executive vice president of OriginClear. “Let’s face it, dollar inflation is a reality today, and investors need to take refuge in physical income-generating assets; but the challenge is to find an asset that is not overvalued right now.

Water On Demand™ gives investors the opportunity to potentially earn royalties on private water utility projects serving industrial and agricultural businesses that are not adequately served by the underfunded municipal water systems of the United States. With Water On Demand, these businesses can simply sign a water treatment contract without upfront capital or having to perform their own costly maintenance. Customers simply pay per gallon of wastewater treated.

In addition to royalties, early investors are entitled to receive equity grants in OriginClear. The first $20 million of investment capital will also receive dilution protected shares in the new subsidiary.

The launch of Water On Demand is the first of several expected impacts on commercial real estate.

“We have an array of exceptional brands,” said Tom Marchesello, OriginClear COO. “But the most immediate candidate is Water On Demand, which has the potential to deliver hundreds of major investments in much-needed water projects, transforming the state of water as we know it.”

The company’s other commercial properties include Modular Water Systems, which holds a master license to five key international patents for highly durable, pre-engineered modular water treatment and pumping products. As a proprietary technology, MWS is often seen as a “design basis” for projects, which means competitors cannot easily undermine MWS.

“With the support of our incredible investors and backers, we’ve incubated a series of valuable brands, and it’s time to help them shine on their own,” said Riggs Eckelberry, CEO of OriginClear. “We believe that through crowdfunding platforms, we can launch and fund a series of highly targeted ‘pure players’ that can leverage targeted strategic partnerships and have the potential to become future standalone public companies. »

Recently, OriginClear agreed in principle to an agreement with Houston-based international water utility company Envirogen Technologies for certain operations and maintenance (O&M) functions, the first in a potential series of such partnerships, intended to enable Water On Demand to focus on financing and asset management as the water industry benefits from a steady stream of pre-capitalized projects. This focus on capital makes Water On Demand a true fintech start-up in the water sector. In March, it reached its first milestones of $1 million in dedicated capital.

About OriginClear Inc.

OriginClear is leading the autonomous water revolution, democratizing water investing by developing a marketplace to connect investors to water projects; and commercializing advanced modular, pre-engineered, filterless systems for faster sanitation worldwide. With America’s failing infrastructure and $100 billion in government spending to fix the nation’s more than 150,000 water systems, OriginClear is helping them “cut the cord” by developing outsourced pay-per-gallon programs and a future digital currency to streamline payments. Our line of Modular Water products and systems are key to the revolution in self-contained water treatment because they create “instant infrastructure” – fully engineered, pre-engineered and pre-packaged systems that use durable and sophisticated materials.

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Source and image: www.originclear.com

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