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The “TEACHER” sets the mood and tone of a classroom, whether online or offline.

Sangita Malik, Yadavindra

Public school, Patiala

The teacher is someone who has the power to make a difference, who can make the classroom cold or hot regardless of the weather or the emotions of the pandemic. A positive classroom culture that invites unmotivated and motivated learning can provide students with more opportunities to positively connect with content, peers, and the ‘guru’

By 2020, all educators had already spent 20 years in this century debating and struggling to integrate 21st century learning skills. But the confinement of March 2020 instantly made a paradigm shift in the pedagogy of teaching and learning.

But then, the old phrase ‘Blessing in Disguise’ was not said in vain, because it was an opportunity to be as innovative as possible! Not being in the mainstream school gave a feeling of freedom to experiment and choose unconventional methods.

Until the learning took place, everything was acceptable to school authorities and parents.

Teachers improved their ICT skills, used everything from the garden to their kitchen cabinets to demonstrate and illustrate and reach out to students. Not only academics, extracurricular activities have accelerated to keep student well-being our top priority. Much has been done in brainstorming and planning our lessons.

Mindset: Enthusiasm was the key to designing and delivering the content. No need to overflow with information and rote learning.

Personal Reflection: It is very important for a teacher to look back and see what worked and what failed, as she had to make sure students walk through although screen time is still a strain .

Pedagogy: a pedagogy based on discovery and investigation, adapted quickly.

The students found the discovery and investigation more exciting than remembering dates, information and taking tests.

The mention of the Quiz excited them and here the teacher fulfilled her goal of continuous summative and formative assessments without the students feeling the burden.

Creativity: Not only teachers, but also students, have become creative with online courses. They were proud to show their work through presentations. The baseline of the classes was raised as peer learning happened much more and parents witnessed it. The spirit of competitiveness has evolved for the better and the better.

Since in the daily schedule the interaction time was limited, acceptance and adoption of the Flip teaching model was welcome.

Reverse Model: When teachers used a reverse classroom model, the traditional order of teaching and classroom events was reversed. Typically, students could review course materials, read text, or do research for homework before entering class. Class time is reserved for activities that may include peer learning, group discussions, independent learning, as well as engaging discussions or collaborative work. And, according to teachers who reversed their lessons, reported improved grades and improved student attitudes as a result.

Additionally, most teachers who reversed their lessons said they would return their lessons the following year. As teachers, they have discovered and tested a new pedagogy which is also here to stay in the future.

So, technically speaking, all these years, that’s what we wanted to revolutionize. Students able to synthesize information and bring joy and meaning to their educational experience. Because we cannot define that the students feel definitely more at ease in their own modes of learning.

Coming from a progressive school, our teachers have had the advantage of using software and learning platforms to the best use in this time of crisis.

Here is the result and the gratifying signs we could see in the students –

n More autonomy in learning.

n Learn more by doing

n More reflection and knowledge translation

n More Deeply immersed in language enrichment programs.

A new era has taken hold where teachers are facilitators in the true sense of the word. Teachers are more tolerant of new and diverse responses and are much more concerned with the social well-being of the child.

Teachers who have a passion for teaching and learning are flying with their students like never before, and as they say “The sky is the limit”

Indeed, today’s crisis has been a “blessing in disguise” and a revelation for all of us.



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