Novelist and journalist Maryse Wolinski, widow of cartoonist Georges Wolinski, died Thursday



December 10, 2021

The novelist and journalist Maryse Wolinski, widow of cartoonist Georges Wolinski killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack, died Thursday at the age of 78, after having written three poignant books devoted to her husband.

Les Éditions du Seuil is very sad to announce the disappearance of Maryse Wolinski, in Paris, on December 9“, the publishing house said on Thursday.

Born Maryse Bachère in Algiers, originally from Lot-et-Garonne, she was married for 43 years with the couturier, killed in January 2015, with whom she had a daughter, Elsa.

Journalist and novelist

After a career in the press, starting with Sud-Ouest in Bordeaux and going through Le Journal du dimanche, Elle or Le Monde-Dimanche, she devoted herself to literature.

It was in 1988 that she established herself as a full-fledged novelist, with ‘Au diable Vauvert’, her first novel, published by Flammarion: intimacy and secrecy, family life, love (or love) in the couple, so many themes that will form the material of his later novels», Underlines the Threshold in a press release.

Georges wolinski

After the death of her husband, she devoted three books to him, published by Le Seuil, “three poignant stories: “Honey, I’m going to Charlie” (2016), “The taste of the good life” (2018) and “At the risk of life (2020)”“.

At the trial of this attack at the end of 2020 before the special court of assizes of Paris, she became a civil party. But before the opening of the debates, she had specified that the public would not answer her questions on “malfunctions“Police and the fight against terrorism.



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