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(KMAland) — Thanks to a new wave of coronavirus sweeping through Southeast Asia, U.S. producers are finding it increasingly difficult to get red meat to Hong Kong and China.

Joel Haggard of the US Meat Export Federation, who lives in Hong Kong, said local authorities wanted to pursue a zero COVID goal, but it appears the city of Hong Kong has abandoned its plan to test every resident for COVID three. times for a period of more than 9-10 days, which was to start at the end of March.

“So what about our meat business here in Hong Kong? Despite glimpses of easing, strict social distancing measures remain in place, at least until April 20. Local regulations require all restaurant outlets to close at 6 p.m. and no more than two diners per table. Thus, the restaurant sector in Hong Kong is currently in shock and hundreds of outlets have closed. Takeout and retail are booming, but supply chain issues have slowed the delivery of groceries to the public.

Meanwhile, Haggard noted in mainland China, officials are very concerned about rising case numbers there, triggering a slew of citywide lockdowns in the southern part of the country.

He says this impacts meat imports into China in several ways. First, he noted that in cities where strict shutdowns are in effect, visiting restaurants is simply not possible.

“And the second impact is the movement of imported meat for ports to central warehouses and then to end users, creating a net negative for overall meat consumption in imports. Everyone hopes that this wave will be short-lived and that the return to normal will return soon. »

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