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gHello. The increase in Covid cases continues to put pressure on hospitals and health workers. Support payments to workers will end when vaccination rates reach 80%, and political discourse on the climate crisis is all “blah blah blah” without action, according to Greta Thunberg.

International tourism unlikely to pick up by Christmas, according to foreign airlines, which say there is too much uncertainty over quarantine requirements and vaccine passports. The Council of Airline Representatives of Australia said the federal government’s speculated timeline was “just an unworkable proposition” for airlines with no clarity on key issues, including how many passengers they will be allowed to carry and how vaccine statuses will be verified. An air source said it was “naive” to expect a pre-pandemic trip so soon.

Victorian hospitals face ‘extraordinary’ demand as Covid cases rise, and New South Wales ‘not out of the woods’ despite fewer hospitalizations than expected. Royal Melbourne Hospital has closed its Covid testing clinic to divert resources to emergency and intensive care patients and emergency services staff have reportedly taken increased sick leave due to burnout. Meanwhile, in New South Wales, officials expect pressure on the state’s healthcare system to increase when restrictions are lifted next month.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg to announce today that Covid disaster payments will end when states and territories hit 80% immunization mark – even if some regions end up being locked again. Income support will likely end in New South Wales in mid-October and in Victoria the following month. As vaccination rates rise and states open up, New South Wales cafes and restaurants ‘confused and puzzled’ over who will enforce looming laws banning unvaccinated patrons. With mixed messages from government and police officials as to whether it is up to the individual to do the right thing, or whether the police would enforce public health orders, restaurant and cafe owners fear confrontations if a QR code style system is not in place.

US General Mark Milley defended his appeals to Chinese officials in the final days of Donald Trump’s presidency, saying the conversations were aimed at “defusing” tensions between the two nations. Milley has defended himself against charges of insubordination for taking steps to mitigate the threat of Donald Trump starting a war in his final weeks as president. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told the Senate Armed Services Committee: “I am sure President Trump did not intend to attack the Chinese. Milley also told the committee that the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the evacuation of Kabul was “a logistical success but a strategic failure”.


The Berejiklian government’s commitment to reduce NSW’s emissions by 50% by 2030 will increase pressure on the Morrison government to set a net zero target and raise Australia’s short-term target. Photograph: Dean Lewins / AAP

Scott Morrison faces increasing pressure to set a more ambitious national climate target for 2030 after the NSW government pledged to cut state emissions in half this decade.

Queensland man suing Judge Salvatore Vasta claims he abused government power, intimidated a lawyer in court and acted “outrageously” while wrongly imprisoning him for 12 months, according to court documents.

The eastern people of Kuku Yalanji will officially become owners of four national parks, including the Daintree Rainforest, after a historic agreement was reached between the traditional owners and the Queensland government.

Rapid antigen tests for Covid set to hit Australian shelves in November and the Therapeutic Goods Administration has received dozens of requests to import and sell different types of 15-minute tests.

The world

WHO described itself as
WHO has described itself as “heartbroken” by the “heartbreaking read” of an independent investigation that workers sexually assaulted women and girls during the Ebola outbreak. Photography: Jérôme Delay / AP

Dozens of women were sexually assaulted by World Health Organization aid workers during the 2018-2020 Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to an independent investigation. The commission, which examined around 80 cases of women and girls between the ages of 13 and 43, identified 21 employees among perpetrators of serious abuse, including a number of rape allegations.

Greta Thunberg lambasted world leaders for their pledges to tackle the climate emergency, dismissing them as “blah, blah, blah” in a speech at the Youth4Climate summit.

Danish artist delivered empty frames with the title Take the Money and Run to the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art and kept $ 84,000 in protest against low wages.

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A hatched green sea turtle cautiously surfaces for breath, in a sky full of hungry birds.
A hatched green sea turtle cautiously surfaces for breath, in a sky full of hungry birds. Photography: Hannah Le Leu

The Nature Conservancy Photo Contest is back after a Covid hiatus with a range of stunning images showcasing Australia’s natural wonders. Among the winners is this image captured during Hatchling Season on Heron Island in February 2021. A tropical storm had just engulfed the island with pouring rain, thunder and lightning. A green sea turtle hatchling cautiously surfaces for some air in a sky full of hungry birds. The storm brought out thousands of birds, making this newborn baby’s journey to survive even more difficult.

For a niche but an avid corner of the Internet, video games are not just things to play, but structures to be torn down and rebuilt – together. “Speedrunning is the art of playing video games as fast as possible,” writes Joe Koning. “You can speedrun any game – all of it, or just sections of it. Some world records are incredibly short, taking only seconds. Others can last for hours. On the Internet, they are studied. , analyzed and discussed by a thriving community of people who, like me, rejoice in seeing games pushed and warped beyond their limits.

I went to my attic drawer, pulled out the Tower Records bag, and removed the briefcase. I opened it. The chewing gum was in there. He looked like what I remembered, the sacred heart, a Buddha… His dental imprint was still visible. I was both surprised and relieved to see that he was there. Warren Ellis will discuss his upcoming book, Nina Simone’s Gum, at Guardian Australia’s Zoom Book Club on Thursday. Have a question for Ellis? Pre-register here to join Guardian Australia’s interactive book club.


Latest handpicked Labor federal candidate – Olympic shooter and former coal miner Daniel Repacholi – raises eyebrows, and the anger of some members of the PLA base. In today’s full article, Laura Murphy-Oates chats with Chief Political Correspondent Sarah Martin about Labor’s internal squabbles over the blue-collar seat and what they say about the future of the left.

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Guns, a choice of captain and a Labor revolt

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South Sydney v Penrith is the successful rivalry in the house of James Colley. “Dad is a die-hard Souths fan… Becoming a Penrith fan is perhaps the most I have ever disappointed my dad. I hope my team shows no remorse for his Souths on the big last day of the LNR. “

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NSW principals expect students to return to school before the official October 25 date, as parents in industries that reopen on October 11 will not be able to oversee distance learning, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. The government has been urged to send children back to school at the same time as pubs and shops reopen by a pediatrician specializing in infectious diseases in the The telegraph of the day. A tour operator told the NT News of the “stupid mistake” that led him to be bitten by a 2.2m crocodile in front of a group of tourists. The GST distribution deal will remain unchanged if Labor wins the next election, according to Anthony Albanese in the Western Australia.


Malcolm Turnbull will address the National Press Club.

Public hearings for the Black Summer Bushfire Lessons Learned Inquiry.

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