Market capitalization rises even as index declines on Qatar stock exchange


Foreign funds and Arab individuals were seen as net buyers in an otherwise slightly bearish Qatar stock exchange this week, which saw the country’s trade surplus more than triple year-on-year in April 2021.
Market capitalization posted gains despite a 0.09% drop in the Qatar index to 20 stocks this week, leading Bank of America to estimate that Doha’s liquefied natural gas expansion plans to boost the country’s real economic growth and budget surpluses in high and medium single digits. on 2021-27.
Consumer goods, insurance and real estate counters experienced above-average selling pressure this week, which saw a report from Kamco that predicted prices for Qatar’s projects at $ 31 billion this year.
Domestic funds grew increasingly in net profits this week, which saw global credit rating agency Moody’s confirm Qatar Islamic Bank’s long-term deposit rating to “A1” with a “stable outlook” “.
Gulf individuals were also increasingly net selling this week, which saw Qatar First Bank pull out of its equity investments in Al Rifai International Holding and Food Services Company, achieving an ‘attractive’ internal rate of return. .
The weakening net purchase interest of Gulf institutions also had its influence on the stock exchange this week, which saw a total of 1.31 million QATR exchange-traded funds sponsored by Masraf Al Rayan and valued at 3, 5 million QR change hands on 160 transactions.
Local retail investors were seen as net profit takers this week, with a total of 149,426 Doha Bank sponsored QETFs valued at QRF 1.58 million out of 24 transactions.
Market cap increased by over QR 2 billion, or 0.34%, to QR 626.3 billion, mostly in mid and small cap segments this week, which saw the industrial and banking sectors together make up about 59% of the total volume of trade.
The index of the consumer goods and services sector fell by 1.16%, insurance (0.72%) and real estate (0.61%); while telecoms gained 1.07%, banks and financial services (0.5%), transport (0.19%) and industrials (0.06%) this week which saw Gulf Warehousing sign a pact research collaboration with the College of Science and Engineering of Hamad Bin Khalifa University.
Major players include Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance, Barwa, Qatari German Medical Devices, Woqod, Investment Holding Group, Dlala, Qatar Oman Investment, Commercial Bank, Mannai Corporation, Qamco and Nakilat this week, which saw no negotiations. sovereign bonds.
Nonetheless, Gulf International Services, Alijarah Holding, Aamal Company, Inma Holding, Milaha, QNB, QIIB, Qatar National Cement, Qatar Industrial Manufacturing, Ezdan, United Development Company and Ooredoo were among the winners this week which saw no exchanges. treasury bills.
Overall trade turnover and volumes were down this week, with industrial sector accounting for 38% of total trade volume, banking and financial services (21%), consumer goods and services (19% ), real estate (16%), telecoms (3%) and transport and insurance (1% each) this week.
In terms of value, the share of the banking and financial services sector was 36% of the total, followed by manufacturers (31%), consumer goods and services (13%), real estate (10%), telecommunications (6%) and transport and insurance (2% each) this week.
Net sales of domestic funds increased significantly to reach QR 146.55 million from QR 49.31 million in the week ended May 27.
Net sales by private individuals in the Gulf increased significantly to QR 5.49 million from QR 1.16 million the previous week.
Qatari individuals became net sellers to the tune of QR 2.11 million against net buyers of QR 68.3 million a week ago.
Arab funds became net profit takers of QR 0.17 million against net sellers of QR 0.4 million on May 27.
Net purchases by foreign individuals fell sharply to QR 8.02 million from QR 15.01 million the previous week.
Net purchases by Gulf institutions notably contracted to QR 8.37 million from QR 14.7 million a week ago.
However, foreign funds became net buyers to the tune of QR 126.91 million against net sellers of QR 45.94 million on May 27.
Arab individuals were net buyers of QR 10.56 million versus net sellers of QR 2.14 million the week before.
Total trading volume fell 24% to 870.45 million shares, value 31% to QR 2.11 billion, and trades 13% to 48,214.
The transport sector’s trade volume fell 51% to 11.73 million shares, the value 50% to QR44.11 million, and transactions 19% to 1,677.
The consumer goods and services sector recorded a 49% drop in trading volume to 167.08 million shares, a value of 43% to QR 271.2 million and trades 35% to 5,928.
Insurance sector trade volume reached 34% to 10.93 million shares, a value of 34% to QR 35.55 million, and transactions 19% to 1,111.
The market saw a 17% contraction in industrial sector trade volume to 328.95 million shares, 39% in value to QR659.85 million and 25% in trades to 13,671.
The trading volume of the banking and financial services sector decreased by 17% to 182.32 million shares, its value by 27% to QR756.93 million and transactions by 2% to 16,592.
There was a 13% contraction in the volume of trade in the telecommunications sector to 29.78 million shares, but 17% in value to 126.55 million QR and 48% of transactions to 4,627.
However, the trade volume of the real estate sector increased by 3% to 139.66 million shares and the value by 2% to QR 217.54 million; while transactions declined 1% to 4,608.


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