Lots of luck, lots of learning: La Petite Lecture n ° 13 from the Montclair Library a huge success (Letter to the editor)



For some, the number 13 brings bad luck, but for Little Read Grade 13 we had great success!

Little Reading is an annual reading marathon at the Montclair Public Library designed to foster a love of reading and the library among preschool, kindergarten and first grade children in Montclair. This literacy initiative features volunteer guest readers who are educators, community leaders, neighbors and friends, and raises funds for children’s programming at the Montclair Public Library.

After a clean event last year, we were able to share the joy of books with nearly 500 students during our one-day reading marathon in early October. We were delighted to once again share with the young people of Montclair the importance of reading and the benefits of having access to their public library, even though most of our visits were virtual!

We would like to thank the many members of the community who climbed the Big Read chair to read to children and share their enthusiasm and love of reading. These included city council members (David Cummings, Bob Russo and Peter Yacobellis), school board members (Latifah Jannah, Eric Scherzer and Allison Silverstein) and library board members (Ted Graham and JoAnn McCullough). We would also like to thank Storyvoice’s Mike Clarke for his partnership with Bedtime Stories, as well as our special guest readers, actor Harry Patrick Christian and author Shane DeWolff.

The little reading wouldn’t have been possible without the support of staff at Montclair Public School who helped coordinate schedules and technical logistics so that we could virtually visit over 25 classrooms. Thanks to Jill McLaughlin, Roxanne Riddock-Smith, Marcos Vargas and Nicholas Veni for their invaluable help.

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We would especially like to thank our major sponsors, Scholastic and Hackensack Meridian Mountainside Medical Center, for their financial support and for providing special guest readers. Other sponsors include Montclair State University and Rosemary Iversen. Their generosity will help fund children’s programs throughout the year, including our summer reading program. The Montclair Public Library Foundation played a key role in securing sponsorships.

The enthusiasm and participation of so many members of the Montclair community are greatly appreciated. We look forward to hosting another successful little read in 2022.

Peter Coyl
Director of the Montclair Township Library

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