Leader orders import ban on South Korean household appliances


TEHRAN – The leader of the Islamic Revolution on Thursday approved a call by local producers to ban the import of household appliances from two South Korean companies – LG and Samsung – to Iran.

Ayatollah Khamenei’s order followed after a number of local home appliance producers said reports surfaced about the permission to import home appliances from southern companies. Korean women and asked for the leader’s help in this regard.

The demand comes as, in recent years, the leader of the Islamic revolution has emphasized the importance of local production and banned the importation of goods of their kind made at home.

Approving the demand of local producers, the leader of the Islamic revolution wrote a letter to President Ebrahim Raisi in which he asked if the report on imports from the two Korean companies is “true, it means breaking the backs of the companies in Korea. household appliances that have recently been able to stand to a certain extent.

“Stop the emergence of this problem,” Ayatollah Khamenei insisted in the letter.

Following the letter, the president ordered the Minister of Industry and Trade to ban the import of household appliances from the two companies.

Reports of imports from South Korea come as Seoul has frozen around $ 7 billion in Iranian assets in recent years following an illegal request from the United States.

Additionally, Samsung and LG left Iran as illegal sanctions were imposed on Iran, leaving a bad memory of themselves in the minds of Iranian citizens.

Before the leader’s order, some people and officials in the country said that companies that left Iran alone in difficult days should not be allowed to re-enter the country even if the sanctions are lifted.

During the first sanctions prior to the 2015 nuclear deal – JCPOA – LG and Samsung did not leave Iran.

The ban of the two South Korean companies from the Iranian market of 85 million will be strongly felt by the country of East Asia.


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