International goalkeeper accused of being male as Jordan demands gender test for Iranian penalty shootout hero



The president of the Jordanian Football Association (JFA) has asked the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to perform a gender test on Iranian goalkeeper Zohreh Koudaei.

Iran beat Jordan 4-2 on penalties in September, with a save from Koudaei OF THEM punctual kicks.


Koudaei was accused of being a man posing as a woman
JFA letter insisting on gender test


JFA letter insisting on gender testCredit: @AliBinAlHussein

Heroism helped Iran qualify for the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup for the first time in its history.

But the JFA has doubts about “the eligibility of a participating player” and has demanded a gender test on the shooter.

They believe Koudaei was actually a man posing as a woman.

In response, Iranian team coach Maryam Irandoost strongly denied the allegations.

Irandoost told sports news site Varzesh3: “The medical staff have carefully examined every player in the national team in terms of hormones to avoid any problems in this regard, and therefore I tell all fans not to ‘worry.

“We will provide all the documentation the Asian Football Confederation wants without wasting any time.”

It comes after the president of the Jordan Football Association, Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein, tweeted a letter calling for a gender test.

He criticized the AFC for the “very serious problem” and railed against the confederation for “waking up”.

The JFA has demanded that an “independent medical expert panel” examine the matter.

Part of the letter states that the JFA: “Please understand that gender verification is not mandatory for participating players, however the article reserves the right of the AFC to investigate and take appropriate action in the event of a doubts about the eligibility of a participating player.

“Considering the evidence presented by JFA and considering the importance of the competition,

“We call on the AFC to open a transparent and clear investigation by a panel of independent medical experts to investigate the eligibility of the player in question and other team members,

“Particularly that the Iranian women’s football team has a history with gender and doping issues.”

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