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Is it possible to get an instant loan without a guarantor if you have a negative credit rating, unemployment or self-employment? What is generally rejected by state banks and credit institutions is possible for all consumers on the free financial market. Instead of a guarantee, other guarantees can convince and ensure that your instant loan is approved and paid out immediately.

Since there are a variety of different offers with very different conditions, you should not primarily tend to the first offer for an instant loan without guarantor and thus make a wrong decision possible. It is much better if you compare different offers based on their interest rate and the general conditions, which you should preferably choose flexibly and thus create scope for changes in the repayment. For all applicants there is an instant loan without guarantor on the free financial market, which can be applied for using a form and which is approved in less than 24 hours.

That speaks for an instant loan without guarantor

That speaks for an instant loan without guarantor

You don’t have to ask anyone and don’t put friendship or family ties at risk just because you urgently need a loan and want to use it to pay an urgent bill, request a repair or make a new purchase. A guarantee is often a very uncomfortable thing because the guarantor is afraid of liability and the borrower not only commits himself to the lender but also to the guarantor and carries a heavy burden on his shoulders. Every consumer can tend to an instant loan without guarantor and guarantee the protection in other ways. For example, possessions, capital-forming insurance or a home savings contract, savings for retirement, monetary values ​​and also a co-applicant can be preferred.

The applicant receives the approval at the moment when the details of the security are plausible and a security has been chosen that matches the value of the loan and can therefore be used by the lender in the event of any need for outstanding debts. Particular attention should be paid to the flexible contractual terms. Anyone who can change the repayment easily and without additional fees and adjust his current options in terms of term does not put his security at risk and simply avoids outstanding amounts by deciding to defer payment or by permanently reducing the installment payment to a level that is possible for him , You have made the right decision if it is possible to adjust the repayment without bureaucratic effort and without making the loan more expensive and you can continue to repay without breaking the contract and leaving the collateral untouched.

Apply for the instant loan without guarantor online

Talking to the lender is unnecessary in the free financial market. The instant loan without guarantor is applied for online and can therefore also be easily issued in Switzerland or at another lender located far away. As there is no preliminary discussion, the information on the form must be particularly plausible and serve as the basis on which the lender decides and issues his approval. Both the personal data of the applicant, as well as the named protection must correspond to the truth and be presented to the donor in a way that is understandable. There is usually less than 24 hours between the submission of the application and the approval from the lender.

Also the instruction of the sum does not require an unnecessary waiting time, so that the loan can be used for very urgent purchases and there is no need to fear enforcement in the case of urgent bills. The creditworthiness is not checked and thus it is also not found out whether an applicant has debts from current loans, has only a low income or is not engaged in a professional activity. All of these factors, which are so important and fundamental for lending at the house bank, remain unaffected on the free financial market and give way to protection that an applicant can actually provide and that is not based on his creditworthiness.

The advantages on the free financial market are convincing and create a basis to choose cheaply and at the same time flexibly with instant credit without guarantor. The free comparison on the web creates transparency and immediately finds the offer that fits perfectly with your own requirements and the important criteria of the potential borrower. You don’t have to make any compromises and only opt for low interest rates if you use an optimal offer and can combine the interest in harmony with the flexibility of repayment in the term. The diverse offers become an advantage and enable a tailor-made decision for a loan that suits the consumer.


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