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The Cabinet for Innovation in Education (EIC) is looking for new ways to encourage student learning by looking at learning from a different perspective – a goal that fosters exploration, ingenuity and creativity to find solutions or answers to questions.

The Cabinet, which operates under the supervision of the Provost, is looking for pilot programs or existing innovations in the classroom that would benefit from financial support. Of particular interest are projects that have the potential to be scaled up for application in other programs and colleges.

For example, EIC recently funded a faculty member who uses virtual reality to teach neuroanatomy. The IEC is now working with this faculty member to support expansion beyond what it currently does.


Up to two scholarships of $ 15,000 are available for each funding round. The one-time price can support purchases of software, products and faculty training (including travel), if necessary to support educational intervention (eg, training); however, funds cannot be used to support FTEs.

September 1 Opening of applications
October 1 Applications due
December 10 Notification of the result
January 1 Funding begins (if granted, funding must be spent by June 30)

Email your questions to Gigi Smith, Vice-President, Educational Innovation and Student Life, or call 843-792-2228.

Examples of projects already funded here.



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