Inflation eases as government opts for imports



The federal government’s move to import tomatoes, onions and other commodities in an effort to offset the impact of rising petroleum product prices and the disruption of commodity supplies due to flooding had a minor positive impact on weekly inflation.

According to the Sensitive Price Index report for the week ended September 8 released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics on Friday, inflation fell by 0.58% but remained at 42.70% on an annual basis. .

The prices of 26 products increased, nine decreased and that of 16 remained stable during the said period. According to the PBS report, the domestic LPG cylinder of 11.67 kg has become more expensive by 297 rupees to reach 3,084 rupees.

He said the price of a 20 kilogram bag of flour had risen from Rs51.75 to Rs1,298.49, eggs from Rs8.98 to Rs235.85 per dozen, mong lentils from Rs6.41 at Rs240.49 per kilo, dal gram at Rs4 at Rs244.93 per kilo and dal mash at Rs3.29 at Rs378.50 per kilo.

The PBS said in its report that rates of tea leaves, curds, milk, bread, potatoes, garlic, beef, mutton and rice also increased. However, he said the prices of nine key commodities fell from September 1 to 8, with the price of onion falling from Rs 73 to Rs 100.75 per kilo.

Additionally, the price of tomato also fell from Rs 14.46 to Rs 163.87 per kilo, banana from Rs 2.46 to Rs 95.46 per dozen and ghee from Rs 2.98 to Rs 542.07. Rs per kilo.

The PBS report said prices for 16 essential commodities were unchanged over the week.
Statistics show that last week the inflation rate on an annual basis was 34.47% for the group with an income of up to Rs17,732 per month, the group with an income of Rs17,733 to Rs22,888 per month had an inflation rate of 40.37%, 39.36% was the inflation rate for the group with an income of Rs22,889 to Rs29,517 per month, 23.59% was the inflation rate for the group with an income of Rs29,518 to Rs44,175 per month.

While the inflation rate was 44.01% for the group with an income above 44 thousand 176 rupees per month.


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