Indian home decor industry reduces reliance on Chinese imports during Covid lockdown


After the Covid lockdown, the Indian home decor industry managed to reduce its imports from China, thereby reducing the market price and diminishing the supremacy of Chinese products in the Indian market.

More than 100 home decor industries gathered under one roof at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on Wednesday to provide opportunities for all big and small players.

Abhishek Sharma, organizer of the interior design festival, told India Today, “It has been a tough time for the industry over the past couple of years. ways to stop the importation of many items from China, completely undermining its supremacy in the industry.The need for items during the lockdown has forced the industry to reverse engineer many imported products not only from China, but also from Turkey and South Korea.

The industry, which had suffered tremendously during the Covid-induced lockdowns, has now slowly replaced Chinese products by reverse-engineering many products that are now made in India.

“Lenin shears and transparent shear curtains were completely imported from Turkey before the closures. We initiated intensive research and development on the fabric and successfully manufactured it. Now, after the confinements. There is no need to import it from Turkey as Indian players are capable of producing it. As a result, it is now available 50% cheaper for consumers,” said Jayesh Dave, CMD, Indian Drape and J&Y Fabric.

Quilted velvet polyester, another home furnishing item for which Indian home decor was entirely dependent on China before the lockdown, has also grown successfully in the country.

“We reverse-engineered the polyester and started manufacturing it in India, which resulted in a 20-25% drop in price. Apart from that, we have also developed artificial leather which can compete with genuine leather. The artificial leather is made of 100% PVC. It has reduced the use of leather and different fabrics for cars, sofas and chairs have been developed locally,” Milin Shah, director of Sarom Fab told India Today.

“Quilted fabric upholstery for furniture was imported from China and Turkey before the lockdown. We managed to crack the secret and now we are developing it completely in India with zero imports from China and Turkey. It has now grown to 35% cheaper for consumers,” Shah added.

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