How Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt ended up in 2 consecutive movies together


Hollywood stars will often cross paths several times throughout their tenure. Stars Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt have both enjoyed long-lasting careers in the bright lights of stardom, so it’s a little surprising it took the two stars – who both enjoyed major heights in their fame in the 1990s – so long to appear in the same movie. Even more interestingly, they appeared in two consecutive films. And there is a compelling story behind this event.

Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock both appeared in ‘Bullet Train’

In many ways, Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt have comparable career paths. The two stars got their first roles in 1987 – the first in hanged and the latter in Big piece. And for the two actors, it was only in the mid-1990s that they really saw their notoriety grow.

Pitt enjoyed a string of successes with Interview with the Vampire (1994), Fall Legends (1994), Se7fr (1995), twelve monkeys (1995), and Sleepers (1996). Bullock, meanwhile, enjoyed a resurgence in popularity following her appearances in The rapidity (1994), The Internet (1995), A time to kill (1996), and floats of hope (1998). By the end of the decade, both stars were bona fide superstars with blockbuster hits to their names.

However, it took decades for these two stars to appear together. This fateful interaction finally happened with the recent release of High-speed train. The action-thriller features five assassins who all board the same high-speed train and discover that forces beyond their consciousness have intertwined their stories. In addition to Bullock and Pitt, the star-studded cast includes Joey King and Zazie Beetz.

Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock starred in 2 movies together

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Whereas High-speed train highlighting the two stars, you might have missed Pitt and Bullock appearing together in another film. Pitt made a surprise appearance in The lost cityan action-adventure comedy also released in 2022. Bullock and Channing Tatum star in the film as Bullock (a reclusive novelist) is drawn into a kidnapping plot that takes her and her attractive cover model to the deep in the jungle.

Pitt shows up for an appearance as a CIA agent. How did he get involved? It was a “favor”. “Honestly, I don’t know Brad very well. We just keep doing each other a favor,” she said. HEY. “And we don’t really know each other.” Bullock continued, “I think we were probably old friends or something. For some reason he asks for help, I introduce myself. I ask for help, he introduces himself. Maybe [a] mutual respect club, I don’t know.

What’s next for Pitt and Bullock?

L: Brad Pitt | Stéphane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images, R: Sandra Bullock | Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

For decades into their respective careers, both Pitt and Bullock have moved on to spending less time in front of the camera. Although acting isn’t much of a priority for Bullock these days, she continues her work as a producer.

Pitt, meanwhile, joins Margot Robbie – with whom he previously appeared in Once upon a time… in Hollywood – for Babylon. The film examines the transition from silent movies to “talkies” and features a mix of fiction and real history. After that, he will work on an as yet untitled project with George Clooney.

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