Hillary Clinton is now a novelist with the release of a new crime story



Washington DC. 1997 First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. Credit: Mark Reinstein (Photo by Mark Reinstein / Corbis via Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton has published her fair share of non-fiction books in the past about her time as Bill Clinton’s former first lady as well as her White House experience. But at first, Clinton launched a fictional detective novel dubbed, State of terror. Released this week, it was written in partnership with acclaimed detective story author Louise Penny.

While it’s amazing to imagine Clinton imagining a distant plot, the storyline doesn’t stray too far from what she knows and more modern historical events. It follows former international media mogul, Ellen Adams, who is appointed US secretary of state by Douglas Williams, a president whose candidacy she opposes. A terrorist attack takes place in cities around the world, all apparently linked. In a diplomatic race of life or death, Adams is forced to fly around the world to meet with world leaders.

Think of it as a book like “Olympus has fallen”. And apparently, it was released to an impressive reception. The New York Times examined him as a “page turner, part sneaky, part gentle” and he seems to have surprised The Los Angeles Times’ reporter Paula Wood who said it was “really good”.

State of terror follows Bill Clinton’s political thriller, The president’s daughter, which was written in partnership with James Patterson. The book was published just a few months ago, in June, and has become a bestseller.

As for the characters, neither the former First Lady nor her writing companion Penny have confirmed whether they are inspired by real people.

“People can read in the book how or not certain events reflect her real life, which is part of the fun, I guess,” said Matt Latimer, founding partner of literary agency Javelin. CNN.

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