“He’s a very complex and layered character,” Arjan Bajwa says of playing a novelist in his upcoming web series, “Bestseller.”


Actor Arjan Bajwa, who was last seen in Shahid Kapoor’s 2019 hit film, Kabir Singh, has always wowed her fans and audiences with her flawless performances on the big screen. Popular for playing interesting characters in Hindi movies like, Fashion, Sons of Sardaar, Bobby Jasoos and GuruArjan also left his mark on the digital space by starring in the hit web series, State of siege: 26/11. And after winning accolades as Colonel Kunal Sahota in State of siegethe actor will now make audiences swoon as Tahir Wazir with his upcoming web series, Bestseller. Arjan, who will star as a novelist – Tahir Wazir in Mukul Abhyankar’s gritty psychological thriller, shares that his character in the web series is “complex and layered”.

Since quality matters most to Arjan, he is quite picky when it comes to choosing projects. Ahead of the release of his upcoming web series, the actor got candid with the Free press journal and talked about playing Tahir Wazir, his experience working with Mithun Chakraborty and Shruti Haasan, and his upcoming projects in the South. Excerpts:

What was it like playing an intriguing character like Tahir Wazir?

My character has all possible shades, not just gray or black and white. He’s a very complex and layered character, it’s not one-dimensional at all. He fits the situation in his life as Tahir Wazir and coming from where he comes from, there are many facets to his personality. In one place it is intense, in the other place it is soft and vulnerable. His journey is very multidimensional. There’s so much to show when playing a character like Tahir. It was not limited to one aspect. More so, it is the magic of my director Mukul Abhyankar that he created with all his characters including mine. It was from him that he got the gritty story.

Director Mukul Abhyankar has a certain style of writing complex characters, do you think?

He is very nice and extremely friendly. We have formed a great friendship. We had that kind of faith in him that I could let go as an actor and he got the best out of me. His mastery of layered storytelling is amazing. It challenges you as an actor. He would shoot an intense scene and on the contrary, he would do a totally different scene which is romantic.

Bestseller is your second show on OTT, a reason to be difficult?

I get offered the kind of roles I want to do, that’s why I’ve been part of big stories like State of siege: 26/11 and now Bestseller. I always focus on quality and not just fun. Fantastic stories have come to me, which is why my filmography has been diverse and I have been able to work with incredible directors.

The OTT space has become big over the last couple of years, how are you coping with the whole ecosystem?

There is no ecosystem, it’s just another medium. The production process and the acting are identical. During filming for Bestseller, I never had the impression of shooting for a digital platform. It is up to the producers to decide on the exhibition medium. This not only opened doors for people, but also increased the cast’s reach to a very wide audience. While exposure of a Hindi film is limited to Hindi-speaking areas, OTT streams are shown in over 200 territories. It was a boon but the workload increased for the actors.

What was it like working with the stellar cast of Bestseller ?

I’m not being politically correct here by making everyone happy, but the thing is, I had a great time touring with everyone. They are all so distinct from each other. Everyone brought different things to the table as actors, whether it was Mithun a (Chakraborty) or Shruti Haasan, or Satyajeet Dubey or Sonalee Kulkarni. When you have such synergies on set, the product must be good.

You did a great job in the South, are you still exploring there?

I am starting a trilingual film in April which is in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. It’s a very exciting script, but I can’t reveal much about it. I’m very pleased with my look in there, it would be a very stimulating role for me.

Posted: Friday February 11th 2022, 07:00 IST


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