Guy Pearce is Bruce Cogburn in ‘The Infernal Machine’ thriller trailer


Guy Pearce is Bruce Cogburn in ‘The Infernal Machine’ thriller trailer

by Alex Billington
August 29, 2022
Source: Youtube

“He wanted to know if I saw the same things as him in the book? Paramount + MovieBox have unveiled an official trailer for an indie thriller titled The infernal machinearriving on VOD later in September. Guy Pearce stars as a reclusive and controversial author who comes out of hiding when he receives endless letters from an obsessive fan. This appeared out of nowhere, without playing any festivals. Pearce stars in the psychological thriller as Bruce Cogburna reclusive and controversial author of the famous book The infernal machine (perhaps inspired by Cocteau’s play The infernal machine?). He comes out of hiding when he starts receiving letters from an obsessive fan. What ensues is a dangerous maze as Bruce searches for the person behind the encrypted messages… forcing him to confront his past and ultimately reveal the truth behind it. The infernal machine. The cast also includes Alice Eve, Jeremy Davis& Alex Pettyfer. It sounds quite mysterious and exciting, curious to see where it all leads. So… who sends the messages?

Here is the first official trailer (+ poster) for Andrew Hunt’s The infernal machinedirectly from Youtube:

movie The Infernal Machine

Reclusive and controversial author Bruce Cogburn (Guy Pearce) is pulled from hiding by an obsessive fan, forcing the novelist to confront a past he thought he could escape and recount the events unleashed by his bestseller decades earlier. . Cogburn’s search to find out who is behind the manipulation and mental torment he encounters leads to an emotional roller coaster full of fear and danger, where things aren’t always as clear as they seem and actions past can have disastrous consequences. The infernal machine is both written and directed by an up-and-coming filmmaker Andrew Huntmaking his second feature film after directing miles between us before, as well as many other shorts. Produced by Julian & Lionel Hicks and Spencer McLaren. This hasn’t premiered at any festival or anywhere else as far as we know. MovieBox will debut The infernal machine live on VOD from September 23, 2022 Coming soon. Interested?

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