Fumi Yoshinaga’s Ōoku: The Inner Chambers Manga Wins Grand Prize at 42nd Nihon SF Taishō Awards – News


The alternate history story ended in December 2020 after inspiring 2 live-action movies and TV series

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of Japan (SFWJ) announced on Saturday that Fumi Yoshinagait’s Ōoku: the inner chambers manga won the grand prize at the 42nd Nihon SF Taishō Awards. The manga competed with Haneko Takayama Kurayami ni Lens (Lens in the Darkness), the novel Godzilla’s singular point tv anime, mikihiko hisanaga Shichijūyon-byō no Senritsu in Kodoku (74-Second Melody and Solitude) collection of short stories, the Post-Corona no SF (Post-COVID-19 Science Fiction) and Fumio Takano’s anthology Mazeru-na Kiken (Compound Danger) collection of short stories.

Viz Media publishes the manga in English, and it describes the story:

During the Edo period in Japan, a strange new disease called red pox began to attack men in the country. Eighty years after the first epidemic, the male population has dropped by seventy-five percent. Women assumed all the roles traditionally assigned to men, even that of shogun. Men, precious providers of life, are carefully protected. And the finest of men are sent to serve in the Inner Chamber of the Shogun…

Author Jin Kusakami, Author Mari Kotani, Manga Creator Yumiko Shirai (Tenken, Uterus), novelist Gakuto Mikumo (Asura cries, hit the blood), and novelist Hiroyuki Morioka (star crest) were part of this year’s nominating committee.

Works published between September 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021 were eligible for this year’s award. SF Carnival in Tokyo Tsutaya Books Daikanyama will host the awards ceremony on April 16, and SFWJ will stream the ceremony on its Youtube channel.

Yoshinaga launched the manga in Hakusenshait’s Melody magazine in 2004, and finished it in December 2020. Hakusensha released the manga’s 19th and final volume on February 26, 2021, and Viz Media will publish the final volume in English on March 15. The manga won the 2009 James Tiptree, Jr. Award and won the 2009 Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award. His other accolades include 1st anan Manga Award, the 56th Shogakukan Manga Price at shoujo division and the special prize of the 5th Sense of Gender Prize.

The manga inspired a live-action film adaptation in 2010, a live-action television series titled Ōoku: Arikoto・Hen Iemitsu in October 2012, and a second live-action film titled Ōoku: Eien – Emonnosuke・Chicken Tsunayoshi in December of the same year.

Source: SFWJ website, comedic Natalie


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