England international blackmailed after sex with transgender prostitute


AAn England international footballer was blackmailed in 2021 after sleeping with a transgender prostitute several times.

The escort photographed and filmed the player, as well as backing up text messages, before using him to demand he pay 30,000 pounds.

After initially paying this amount out of fear that his adventure would become public, the player then turned himself in to the police.

Even still, the incident was revealed in a report by The Sun, who decided not to reveal the identity of the player, stating only that he is “a household name” who plays for a Premier League club and the England national team.

The Sun explained that the footballer contacted the pre-op transgender woman after finding her profile on an escorts website.

He visited her several times and reportedly paid 150 for sex in April 2021.

The footballer took the blackmail case to the police

After initially paying the demanded blackmail money, the player then turned himself in to the police. However, the case was eventually dropped as he was unwilling to give the necessary evidence for fear of being exposed.

“No one knows if the player knew the woman was transgender, but he was desperate to shut her up once she threatened to expose him,” a source told The Sun.

“He handed over the money a few times before realizing the only way to stop the situation was to surrender to the police.

“They were keen to gather evidence as blackmail is a serious crime, but the footballer was really worried that his name would come out and it would lead to him being abused by the fans.

“He just wanted to bury her so, despite officers’ best efforts, he refused to cooperate, leaving them to investigate a blackmail plot without a victim.

“They needed to see his cell phone messages as well as his bank transfers, so they had no choice but to reluctantly drop the case.”


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