Drone restrictions on southern border prompt Senator Marshall to demand answers


TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – New restrictions on drone flying over an area of ​​the southern border have prompted Senator Roger Marshall to demand responses from the Department of Homeland Security, saying the restrictions could undermine the rights of organs press trying to cover the crisis.

US Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) Says he sent a letter to US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas demanding responses on the Federal Aviation Administration’s decision to implement a temporary flight restriction of 2 weeks on the Del Rio International Bridge, Texas.

“As you well know, the border crisis triggered by your political decisions has spiraled out of control. Last month there were more than 208,887 arrests at the southern border, the second consecutive month above the 200,000 mark. We are currently around 1.5 million for the fiscal year – a historic total and unacceptable, ”Marshall said in the letter. “On Thursday, supposedly at the behest of an agency under your global control, the FAA set up a two-week TFR on the international bridge where thousands of migrants congregate.”

“I cannot stress how deeply I am disturbed by the possibility that you have asked the FAA to close the airspace for political reasons or out of fear of bad optics,” Marshall continued. “The American people deserve to see what happens on the southern border – an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe. “

In order to clarify the matter, Marshall said he wanted answers to the following questions:

  • Why did the border patrol ask the FAA to implement the flight restriction over this area?
  • Has the border patrol ever made these requests?
  • Did DHS approve or ask the border patrol to make the request?
  • Did DHS or the Border Patrol have direct contact with the White House, and if so, did White House officials order or pressure the decision?
  • Why is Border Patrol suddenly making the request after 7 months of drone coverage of the media that triggered the request and is hampering the media’s ability to cover it?
  • Did DHS consider that urging the FAA to ban media drones from overflying the southern border to document a crisis could be a violation of the First Amendment?

To read the full letter sent to the US Department of Homeland Security, click HERE.

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