Desperate Australians could pay 5,000 flights home



Australians hoping to vacation abroad before the end of 2021 should be prepared to shell out thousands of dollars – as desperate expats and limited seats increase prices.

Australians will be able to escape overseas in a matter of weeks, but the relatively cheap prices and offers that were commonplace in 2019 may be a thing of the past.

Experts are increasingly warning hopeful jetsetters to be on alert for the sky-high costs as tens of thousands of Australians still stranded abroad desperately try to return home.

The continued quarantine of hotels for international travelers, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s suggestion that Australia not open to tourists until next year, also means that many international airlines will continue to offer a listing. reduced flights, which means that the competition for a seat has never been stronger.

Based on data from the KAYAK travel booking site, obtained by The Guardian, getting out of Australia is relatively easy and reasonably priced.

But coming back, with Australians competing for a seat with the more than 45,000 expats still stranded abroad, this is where costs tend to rise.

KAYAK data has shown that the average cost of a one-way ticket from Sydney to London between November and December is $ 1,012.

However, the comeback is the painful part – the return match costing the whopping sum of $ 2,109.

Economy class tickets between Sydney and New Delhi, the most popular route on KAYAK over the past month, follow a similar pattern.

A flight to India costs an average of $ 1,051 between November and December.

The return will cost you $ 2,688.

Flying to the United States isn’t much cheaper, with many flights to Los Angeles in December fetching $ 5,000 for a round-trip ticket.

International travel will be very different and more expensive as the world is sailing living with the coronavirus.

All airlines flying to and from Australia require proof of a negative Covid-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test result provided by a laboratory.

• The results of this test must be obtained within 72 hours of the flight.

• Another thing to note is that Covid tests for travelers are not covered by Medicare.

• Private pathology labs offer Covid testing for around $ 140 to $ 200.

• For travelers needing a same day result, this price can go up to $ 300.

Talk to The Guardian, IBISWorld analyst Tom Youl estimated that “it could take a full year” before airlines return to 2019 prices and the same flight capacities as then.

However, Flight Center boss Graham Turner took a different view, saying he expected the cost of flights to remain fair until the end of 2021, as airlines scrambled to restore. confidence in international travel.

“There are still 18 international airlines serving Australia… they don’t all have the same seat availability as before, but once you can travel without a quarantine at the hotel, things will get back to normal.” , did he declare.

Mr Turner predicted earlier that the rates would not be “as expensive” and would likely be in line with the usual rush prices before Christmas.

“Everyone wants to see their family right now so there will be quite a bit of demand because everyone wants to see their family but I think it will be normal, pre-Covid, high season prices once everything comes back on. the market. “

Mr Turner spoke to earlier this month, when Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the international travel ban, in place since March 2020, will be lifted next month.

But a recent report suggested Mr Morrison and new NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet were already discussing moving the date forward to mid-November, as NSW vaccination rates rose.

The proposal presented by the Prime Minister follows discussions with Mr. Perrottet on the acceleration of the deployment of home quarantine.

“The Premier of NSW and I discussed how we can accelerate our plan to open up international travel when home quarantine is available,” Morrison said last week.

“I know the NSW government is looking for ways to speed up the home quarantine in November and if that happens we can act sooner to facilitate the opening of the international border with New South Wales. -South Wales.

“Now that would mean a home quarantine for vaccinated Australians wishing to return home via Sydney and provide the option to travel abroad for vaccinated Australians to leave and return. “



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