Demand for non-Covid ventilators increases by 50% as hospitals begin to build permanent facilities



Demand for non-Covid ventilators in the country has increased by around 40-50%, as more hospitals install the lifesaving device as a permanent installation, a leading player in the industry.

“The demand for non-Covid ventilators has increased by around 50%, from around 9,000 to 9,500 units before Covid, to 13,500 now. This is separate from the covid requirements. Most hospitals have realized that ventilators are a permanent requirement, ”said Ashok Patel, founder of Vadodara-based Max Ventilator. Business line. The need for ventilators was realized during the devastating second wave of Covid-19, when several hospitals across the country faced a severe shortage of ventilators as the number of patients increased.

According to Patel, nearly 90% of the demand for fans is met by imports. Max Ventilator produces approximately 500 to 600 fans per month, during peak demand. Patel said Covid-related demand for ventilators has declined in recent days, but demand from hospitals to build more ventilation facilities has increased.

High flow oxygen

The demand for high-flow oxygen therapy (HFOT) devices has also increased due to its increasing popularity after the second wave of Covid-19. In fact, Max Ventilator has entered into a technological collaboration agreement with American respiratory technology player Amptron Medical to manufacture HFOT devices, ventilators with international specifications corresponding to IEC 60601 standards.

In case of lung injury at an early stage, the patient receives regular oxygen. The next level is the non-invasive ventilator called BiPAP. And in extreme conditions, an invasive ventilator is attached to a patient. Patel advised that the HFOT device can be useful in extreme conditions.

“Currently, HFOT devices are imported from countries like New Zealand. But now we can do it in India. The product development phase is complete and within the next 30-45 days we expect to produce around 850 of these devices, ”Patel said, adding that the company is also building up its inventory of high-end fans to meet demand. growing.

“We are developing the product here under their leadership. We will comply with international standards for medical equipment and clinical safety. Until now, Indian products (breathing apparatus) were limited to having Indian certifications. It also reduced access to international markets for their products. However, with this joint venture with Amptron, Max intends to go truly global in its manufacturing outlook and approach to expanding our presence in developed markets, ”Patel said.

While the licensing, manufacturing and marketing, sales and worldwide distribution terms are being worked out, Max would retain the marketing, sales and distribution rights for the Indian market.



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