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CAVE CITY, Ky. (KT) – The Cave City Baptist Church welcomed Teresa Purichia, executive director of the Crossroads Life Center in Glasgow, Ky., To their worship service last Sunday in an effort to learn more about the work that pregnancy support centers do in their communities.

“Our mission is to promote and defend life,” Purichia explained in her presentation. “We do this by encouraging women and men to make healthy and confident family choices. The Bible tells us to be a voice for the voiceless, and we try to do that and be that in this community.

For Ryan Broers, pastor of the Cave City Baptist Church, asking Purichia to speak to his congregation and raise awareness about the Crossroads ministry “is a way to protect life and honor God in doing so.”

“I found that a lot of Christians are very uncomfortable and don’t want to talk about abortion, so I wanted to educate people about this issue,” Broers added.

And while Purichia and the Crossroads team are on the front lines when the issue of abortion clashes with the day-to-day lives of Kentuckians, their services reach out to the whole family.

“I generally share Carrefour’s ministry with churches because I’m afraid they might think we just want to stop abortion, but we are so much more,” Purichia explained. “Yes, we want to save the baby, but we also want the family and to walk alongside moms and parents, to love and encourage them.”

Purichia is reserving August as “Crossroads Awareness Month” by offering to speak in churches about these issues.

However, local churches are not always responsive. This year, Purichia contacted 89 pastors. Only one responded.

“I hope to educate (the churches) on what exactly Crossroads offers,” Purichia said. “They themselves may not need our services, but they may meet a family member or friend who does.”

Like many pregnancy support centers in Kentucky, Crossroads relies on partnerships with the church, not only because of the networking opportunities that market their services, but also because of the financial support that makes their services. possible ministry.

“If they really understand everything we’re doing, I hope they put their money into it,” Purichia added.

Cave City Baptist Church will partner with Crossroads to meet needs on a quarterly basis.

“Our congregation has been a great, great, great believer in the sanctity of human life for some time because of what the Bible tells us,” said Steve Wilson, pastor of Cave City Baptist Church. “And so, we totally support Teresa and the whole program that she offers. We are delighted to partner with Crossroads.

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