‘Brazen’ goes fast with few surprises


I love crime novels and movies. Even though I’ve seen the “Murder she Wrote” shows hundreds of times, I still tune into the Hallmark channel every night at 10 p.m. to see what Angela Lansbury is up to.

And I appreciate the Hallmark Murders and Mystery channel when they show murder mysteries instead of hot romance stories that all have the same storyline: a boy or a girl comes home, falls in love with their high school sweetheart again, save someone’s family business, have hot chocolate and live happily ever after.

“Brazen” is clearly not a Hallmark movie.

After a book tour to sell her new book, crime novelist Grace Miller (Alyssa Milano) receives an urgent message from her estranged sister, Kathleen, who is embroiled in a custody battle with her wealthy ex. Arriving in DC, Kathleen lives in their childhood home next door to a gorgeous homicide detective, Ed, (Sam Page).

Hoping to afford a decent lawyer, Kathleen supplements her teacher’s salary by moonlighting as a webcam dominatrix. Fantasy, Inc. guarantees the anonymity of its employees. When Kathleen is murdered, Grace inserts herself as a consultant to help solve the crime.
Milano and Page have great chemistry.

Sam Page is a handsome guy. Women in the audience will love this eye candy. Someone has to do something about Milano’s hair; looks like a dog chewed it up. Interactions between Milano and Ullerup were a bit confusing. I think it was the dialogue rather than the acting.

Malachi Weir plays Ed’s partner, homicide detective Ben. Emilie Ullerup is Grace’s sister, Kathleen. Matthew Finlan is Jerald and Alison Araya is Captain Rivera.

“Brazen” is a bit more risque than typical Hallmark Murders and Mysteries, but it probably felt similar because most of the cast have been seen in dozens of Hallmark movies.

I figured out “Brazen” pretty quickly because the writers didn’t throw in enough red herrings to keep me guessing. The screenplay was written by Edithe Swensen, Donald Martin and Suzette Couture, based on the novel Brazen Virtue by Nora Roberts.

But “Brazen” wasn’t boring, it moved pretty fast. The director, Monika Mitchell, was smart to keep the film at 1:30.

I enjoyed the movie and would love to see more murder mysteries that aren’t too dark with a bit more romance.

“Brazen” is a new movie on Netflix. I give it 3 and a half stars.


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