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Here are some of the best stories from last week from NBC 6 News:

WATCH: Two inmates after brawl breaks out at Miami International Airport

Two men have been taken into custody and face charges after a scuffle broke out at Miami International Airport on Monday evening.

Miami-Dade police were called to Gate H8 shortly after 6:30 p.m. after an airport worker reported a disruption, officials said.

The employee said he was driving a transport cart when an unruly passenger refused to let him through, entered the cart, then broke the key and refused to exit the cart, police said.

When they arrived at the gate, officers found the “unruly passenger” identified as Mayfrer Gregorio Serranopaca, 30.

Officers attempted to calm the Serranopaca, who continued to refuse to exit the cart until a confrontation ensued, officials said.

Video footage from Only in Dade showed a large crowd surrounding one of the officers, who had someone on standby. The officer appeared to be grabbed and pushed by the crowd when he then let go.

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NBC 6’s Nicole Lauren is at Tropical Park, one of the places people flock to get tested before the Christmas holidays.

Miami-Dade expands COVID-19 sites and brings back masks to buildings in full wave

Miami-Dade expands COVID-19 sites and hours and brings back mandatory masks to county buildings as the county faces an increase in cases and a high demand for pre-holiday testing, Mayor Daniella said on Wednesday Levine Cava.

Levine Cava said the county hopes to open between three and five new sites and expand the hours of operation of existing sites in response to accelerated demand for testing. The new sites and times will be announced on the county’s website.

The county has seen a more than 200% increase in demand for testing in recent days, with between 40,000 and 50,000 people tested per day.

“Demand just picked up last week,” Levine Cava said at a press conference Wednesday morning.

The mayor said the county had just received several thousand home test kits and was trying to determine how best to distribute them.

Levine Cava said the county has seen an “alarming increase” in COVID-19 cases, and said the omicron variant has “spread quickly like wildfire.”

La Tiendecita works on supply chain issues that negatively impact local small businesses in South Florida. NBC’s Victor Jorges Reports 6

54% of South Florida small business owners say Covid has negatively affected them: study

“Out of nowhere there will be no supply for a specific product and I have to wait and see when it comes back. ”

This is something small business owner Martha Valdes has had to deal with as national supply chain issues and Port of Miami backups impact small businesses in South Florida. .

A study from the Florida Small Business Development Center found that 54% of small business owners in Florida believe the pandemic has had a largely negative effect on their business.

When the pandemic began, Valdes’ store, La Tiendecita in Westchester, had only been open for six months. Now Valdes says she takes things day to day when it comes to putting items on the shelf.

“I have experienced shortages of supplies for my shirts, my hats, my mugs, to be able to produce to be able to sell,” Valdes said.

To get around the problem, she says she pre-orders items and even lets customers place orders in the hopes that the shipments arrive and they can get their products.

55 passengers and crew aboard the Odyssey of the Seas have tested positive for Covid-19, the second ship with dozens of cases in as many weeks. NBC 6’s Cristian Benavides has the story

55 positive tests for Covid on Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas ship

At least 55 crew and guests have tested positive for COVID-19 on Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas cruise ship just days after leaving Fort Lauderdale.

The 55 people who test positive are fully vaccinated and mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic and represent about 1.1% of those on board the ship, a spokesperson for Royal Caribbean said Thursday.

“We’re stuck here for eight days staring at each other and going nowhere,” said Bassem Girgis, who spent $ 6,000 on a cruise vacation for him and his children.

“It’s a big mess,” he said. “If they know they have cases of COVID, they shouldn’t have 4,000 passengers on board.”

NBC 6 has learned that the cases have mostly involved crew members, with 52 staff and three passengers testing positive for the virus.

“I’m sure that number will increase by the end of this trip,” Gorgis said. “I understand I took the risk, but I didn’t agree to stay on the cruise for eight days and not go anywhere.”

The health of those who test positive is being monitored and all close contacts have been identified and placed in quarantine.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to increase in South Florida, we are once again starting to feel the effects in our local hospitals. Reporting by Steve Litz from NBC 6.

South Florida hospitals face rapid spread of Omicron

Hospitals in South Florida are facing an increase in COVID-19 cases due to the omicron variant, which officials say is spreading rapidly.

Dr Marc Napp of Memorial Healthcare System used a color-coded chart to characterize the increase in the number of cases over the past weekend.

“We went green for one day, and that was about three weeks ago, we were yellow for the next two weeks, we went from yellow to red without going orange last weekend, so the numbers have increased dramatically in the community, ”Napp said on Monday.

Jackson Health System’s Dr Hany Atallah said he appeared to have a similar spike.

“What we’re looking at is how quickly the numbers tend to double and so we see that rather than the peak becoming more gradual, we are seeing that peak increasing much faster,” Atallah said.

But, Atallah said hospitalizations were down from the Delta variant peak last summer.

“We are still seeing an increase in our hospitalizations, not quite to the same degree as we have done with Delta, especially with regard to intensive care patients,” Atallah said.

As a result, South Florida hospitals are not overwhelmed.

The officer lost consciousness as the prisoner continued to beat him, before a civilian employee intervened to assist the officer, officials said. NBC 6’s Kim Wynne Has The Story

Video shows prisoner brutally assaulting Miami-Dade cop

A prisoner was caught on camera brutally attacking a Miami-Dade police officer, officials said.

Miami-Dade Police released surveillance footage of Tuesday night’s attack at the Doral Police Department.

Officials said the officer had just finished fingerprinting the prisoner, identified as Nestor Rodriguez, 32, and was trying to secure Rodriguez when Rodriguez reached out to him, refused to follow orders and started to resist physically.

A physical altercation ensued and Rodriguez began punching the officer in the face several times.

The officer lost consciousness as Rodriguez continued to beat him, before a civilian employee intervened to assist the officer, officials said.

The prisoner continued to fight on the ground and other officers responded before they could take him into custody.



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