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Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips the great couple who seem destined for all rewards do not lower the level and offer us, Bad weekend, a black work dedicated to their own company, the world of comics.

A convention, a controversial artist, his ex-assistant (whom he managed to drive mad during my time working for him), a stolen page and some personal interests against the industry, or in favor of the author, come together in this work where Brubaker and Philips once again demonstrate their mastery of tempo, rhythm and above all of the noir genre. Bad Weekend is an almost violence-free story and it has an interesting and illustrative character about the comic book industry and more importantly, perhaps, a little vindictive.

Harry Crane, one of the pioneers in the comic book world, agrees to attend a convention, but due to his anti-social behavior, the organizers have to find someone to control him, he already has a reputation for doing too much nonsense in these acts, such as not coming or even arriving late. Brubaker and Phillips choose to use an “alleged” to refer to the legendary Alex Toth and his Dark Legend, the legendary author who changed American comics, but has no work that can be called ” his great masterpiece “.

So the authors analyze this character, which is not real, it is mostly the rumors that circulate in the comic book world, but they create an author who has problems with the market, who has had problems with the The American comic book business and industry and its claims, that although poorly done, despite having had bad manners and bad manners, are not so far removed from what might be reality. Brubaker reveals some potentially personal complaints about authorship and ownership, and how companies treat material that authors create graphically.

Sean Phillips gives his chest again, as he always does when he meets Brubaker, and is able to perfectly interpret every nook and cranny of the writer’s story, and show dark characters with just two strokes of the brush. fast and thick. A few lines where you can see when someone is nice, when someone is mean, or is looking for something from you. Of course, all the little details you can give with your pen and brush mean that this work has a lot, beyond a story, but a particular way of telling it. A noir novel on the world of comics that would not be such if it had not given this pure and hard aesthetic of a detective film. But we’re talking about normal people, not criminals or outcasts, we’re talking about the comic book industry, bars where they don’t talk about thefts or drugs but paintbrushes and pencils.

In conclusion, Bad Weekend is one of those works that should always be highlighted. It knows what it means and where it’s going, and it also contains more stories, and an intention, to hoist that flag from the authors of “We’ve always been behind the tail of the whole industry, even though we we’re the head that creates the characters and the stories that the industry produces and all the money it moves ”. A book that should be read by comic book professionals, comic book fans and above all and above all have a lot of heart. And despite his rather critical portrayal of Alex Toth, his imprint endures in the world of American cartoons, as it happens to many, we still cannot say that he has been left behind since we still see him a lot in the comics, but Toth to Despite his mastery, he never gave up on what we can all call his “Great Work.”

Qualification:: Bad weekend

Url: BD Panini

Author : Ed Brubaker

Illustrator: Sean phillips

ISBN: 9788413348803

Number of pages : 72

The description : Comics won’t just break your heart. The comics will kill you. Hal Crane should know. It has been around almost from the start. Stuck at an out-of-town convention, waiting to receive an Lifetime Achievement Award, Hal’s Weekend takes us on a dark journey through the secret history of a psychic who has always been haunted by thieves, crooks and desperate dreamers. . Originally serialized in Criminal, this edition expands the original story, with new scenes. An imperishable comic book, from the creative team of masters of American comics.

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